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How Can You Do Beautiful Makeup in 5 Minutes?

How Can You Do Beautiful Makeup in 5 Minutes?

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Not everyone has two hours to spend every morning doing their makeup as we see on social media, however, we all want to create a beautiful makeup in 5 minutes.

Makeup is one’s best friend if you know how to do it and what steps are included. Some people like having a minimal look, but others prefer a more intense and sharp luxury look. As a beginner, you need to know that makeup is not a trend but a beauty ritual that should be based on what you like about yourself and how you feel confident about it. 

Easy Makeup in 5 Minutes for Beginners

  1. Apply Skincare First:

Your makeup can not start on bare skin. It would help if you prepped it rightfully to be able to not fall apart throughout the day under your makeup. Hence get your moisturizer and sunscreen into working first. Keep your skin moisturized and hydrated for your makeup to bring out your best skin. Apply moisturizer first and cover all the parts of your skin in broad light, followed by your sunscreen. 

  1. Prime Your Face:

Now that you have protected your skin from external wear and tear in the above step, you are ready to prime your face. A primer will create an even layer or base for all the makeup that will come after it. 

  1. Concealer and Color Corrector:

In your most natural makeup routine, you still would be applying concealer or color corrector to hide marks, blemishes, and dark spots. Ensure your concealer is two tones lighter than your foundation to achieve the expected results. Cover all of the areas of your face that seem out of the picture. 

  1. Foundation:

This is one of the major makeup routine steps you must be very thoughtful about. If you go one tone wrong at this step, your whole makeup look will be out of place. The best way to find the right shade for your foundation is to try swatches on your jaw bone, continuing to your neck. If the shade blends in with your skin at these two places after two minutes of application, this is the shade you want. 

  1. Face Powder and Blush:

Now is the turn to give your skin an airbrushed look using this one of the main makeup routine steps. Get your face powder and go over your makeup. Also, use a blush to give your face some color. 

  1. Eye Makeup:

Being a beginner, you may want not to make it too obvious about your makeup. Hence you can try a neutral shade on the lids and little mascara. Your eyeliner must not cover the whole of your eyelid but only the sides of your eyes to make them appear bigger. 

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And finally, do your lips as you want. Apply any shade you think is suitable to bring your real aura to your face.

5 Minutes Makeup with Kelly Strack

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