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How Do I Choose The Best Makeup Brushes?

How Do I Choose The Best Makeup Brushes?

Types of Makeup Brushes 

Makeup brushes are of different shapes, sizes, forms and are made to fulfil a particular purpose. Accordingly, their types differ, and they are available under many top brands, including Artists. Identifying your preferences and choosing the best makeup brushes for you will always give you a flawless finish.

Thick flat-topped or tapered Foundation Brushes help apply an even layer of foundation. Stippling brushes are ideal for applying different layers of makeup with a flawless finish with long and short bristles. Concealer Brushes, looking like smaller-sized foundation brushes, cover imperfections or brighten dull areas. Finally, round-topped fluffy Powder Brushes are useful for applying an even layer of loose powder on the foundation layer.

Blush Brushes, looking like small-sized powder brushes, are essential for applying blush evenly and smoothly. Angular flattened-paintbrush-shaped Contour Brushes are perfect for achieving a natural “sculpted look”. The very fluffy and wide Bronzer Brushes help imitate the natural radiant glow “the sun hitting your face” gives. Fan-shaped flat Highlight Brushes evenly highlight cheekbones or other areas of your face. Finally, rounded-top dense bristle Kabuki Brushes are used for applying loose powders and shimmers and the finishing touches to your makeup.

Small dense round-topped or angled-topped Eyeshadow Brushes ensure smooth distribution of eyeshadow over your eyelids. Small, gently tapering Eyeshadow Crease Brushes create drama and the illusion of depth. Gently-rounded small Eyeshadow Blending Brushes are crucial for removing harsh lines. Eyeliner Brushes are straight small-tipped/flat but angled/flat-tipped/bent-angled/semi-flat and rounded in shape and provide varying line thicknesses. Mascara Brushes/Wands have spool-shaped-ends with broad bristles, sometimes at both ends, for evenly applying mascara on upper and lower lashes. Brow Brushes usually have at opposite ends a brush and a spool-shaped end with broad bristles to shape eyebrows and apply eyebrow makeup. Small thin Lip Brushes give a precise, even finish, and flat tapered Lip Liner Brushes give a smooth finish to the look.

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Choosing The Best Makeup Brushes 

Good quality brushes have densely packed bristles and proper solid wood or plastic handles. The “brush feel” is soft, and it can transfer effectively the makeup you are using. Bristle strength is good, meaning that bristles do not fall out when the brush is rubbed against the hand. The shape of the brush is such that it blends makeup evenly and smoothly to give you the perfect finish. 

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