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How Often Should You Use Hair Masks & How to Apply them Properly?

How Often Should You Use Hair Masks & How to Apply them Properly?

Masks are a type of hair product that is used as a treatment to nourish the hair in times when the hair is more seriously affected by factors such as the sun and the sea, chemical products, among others.

Hair masks are the key to healthy hair, as it helps you nourish your hair and restore its vitality after using products or tools that damage it (colouring, hairdryer, hair straightener) However, hair masks are not always used correctly.

How often should you apply a hair mask?

Learn with Elza how to apply your hair mask.

The frequency of use of the mask depends on your hair type, since for daily use it is better to use a hair conditioner and leave the masks for hydration and when your hair is damaged.

  • Natural hair: Two times a month.
  • Oily hair: Once a month from the middle to the ends, without applying on the roots.
  • Dry to very dry hair: Once every ten days.
  • Chemical damage, bleached or split ends: Once a week until the quality of your hair improves. Then continue according to the type of your hair.

How to use the mask correctly?

Ideally, apply the mask strand by strand, massaging each strand. For normal and dry hair you can get a little closer to the roots, with a maximum of 4 fingers distance. From mixed to oily hair, the important thing is to avoid the roots, applying, therefore, only from medium to ends.

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The most common error that most women do when applying hair masks is applying it in the shower. Hydrating your hair while you shower is very practical, however, if you want your mask to be effective you should avoid using it in the shower. The reason is as simple as when applying the mask while you shower, the product is diluted by the excess water that you carry in your hair and will make it lose its effectiveness.

The correct way to use your hair masks is to always avoid applying them in the shower. It is better to remove excess water from your hair with a towel, detangle it with a long-barbed comb and apply the mask. Leave it up to 15 minutes, then rinse it off thoroughly. In this case, the mask will have worked correctly.

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