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How to Address Sun Spots on Your Face

How to Address Sun Spots on Your Face

Cosmetic Procedures to Remove Facial Sun Spots.

The sun can have harsh effects on your skin, and sun spots are one of them. Sun spots are often addressed to as liver spots or age spots. They are brown, flat, and smooth spots that appear on exposed areas of your skin. The UV rays from the sun cause hyperpigmentation on certain areas of your face leading to sun spots. Though they aren’t harmful, they take away from your charm.

Here are some effective treatments for sun spots removal.

·     Intense Pulse Light (IPL) Treatment: IPL is a treatment for sun spots removal where light energy pulses are used on the pigmented area. The 30-minute sessions heat and destroy the affected melanin giving you smooth, clear skin, bringing back your lost glow.

·     Microneedling Therapy: This stimulating therapy is helpful for any skin conditions, including sun spots. The treatment includes pricking your skin with tiny needles, which prompt the production of collagen, which repairs the affected areas. You may be given a topical anesthetic to reduce uneasiness.

·     Laser Procedures: The laser procedure to address sun spots on your face includes sending tiny light beams that penetrate layers of the affected skin. It removes the pigmented spots forming a white crust which then peels off, leaving behind pinkish skin. The pink spots fade off in a few days returning your natural glow. Your skin will take around 15-20 days to heal completely.

·     Chemical Peeling Treatment: Chemical peeling is all about removing the damaged skin and allowing new skin to grow in its stead. It involves an acidic solution that is applied to the spots on your skin which helps in peeling off the upper layers of your skin, leaving you with bright and often wrinkle-free skin. You may feel some discomfort when the chemical is applied, which can last for a few minutes. Try using cold compresses to soothe your skin. You can also ask for low-intensity treatments for sun spot removal.

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·     Microdermabrasion Measures: Professionally exfoliating your skin is another excellent solution on how to address sun spots on your face. Known as Microdermabrasion, this treatment uses an applicator that gently exfoliates the outer coatings of your skin using an abrasive tip. The procedure then removes your dead skin using a suction method. The entire process is almost painless, although your skin may feel tight post the measure.

Choose a sun spot removal treatment that best suits you. Once you have managed to rid your face of the spots, you must care for your skin. Use a high SPF sunblock to protect your skin and leave it on for at least 5 minutes before applying your makeup. For better protection, use a good sunscreen and then add a layer of tinted SPF on it.

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