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How To Apply Highlighter Step By Step For A Glowy Makeup Look?

How To Apply Highlighter Step By Step For A Glowy Makeup Look?

How To Apply Highlighter Step By Step for A Glowy Makeup Look?

A highlighter is often the simple reason when you see photos where the skin is perfectly radiant. In your makeup routine, using a highlighter is a crucial but frequently disregarded step. A highlighter can improve your overall complexion and give your skin a lust-worthy, dewy-glowy appearance when used correctly. 

Highlighting cosmetics, whether in cream, liquid, or powder form, contain brightening ingredients to draw attention to and highlight the angular features of your face. The next step is determining where to apply your highlighter once you’ve chosen your favorite product. Read this simple guide to learn how do you use a highlighter and avoid common mistakes.

How To Apply Highlighter Step By Step:

  1. Your Cheekbones

Start by highlighting your cheekbones, the most common area for skin highlighting. Apply a thin layer of highlighter to your cheekbones to draw attention to the shape of your bones and make your face appear lifted. 

To prevent a jarring contrast between the beginning and end of your highlighter, drag it up slightly under your temples. Know all the techniques of how to apply highlighter on face, especially cheekbones. 

  1. Highlight The Inner Corners Of Your Eyes

Put a highlighter on the tip of an eyeshadow brush for highlighting. Then, using the brush, gently press the brush into the inner corners of your eyelids. Both options are applying multiple layers of face highlighter for a perfect effect or just lightly dusting it on for some subtle highlights.

  1. Apply Highlighter To The Bones Of Your Brows

This is a good area to highlight because the areas just below your brows will receive a lot of light. Consider applying a highlighter for face to the region just below your brows, known as the brow bones.

Try to keep the majority of your highlighter on the brow bone’s outer edges. Not all of your brow bone needs to be highlighted. You can also extend the highlighter down toward the creases of your eyelids to make your eyes look even brighter.

  1. Apply On Your Nose’s Bridge

In order to draw attention to the high points of your face, where light naturally catches you, highlighters should be used. The bridge of the nose should be highlighted since it is the highest point on the face. Make sure to blend it out to avoid having a sharp line running down your nose.

  1. Apply A Bit Just Above Your Upper Lip

The next step of where to put highlighter on face is above the upper lip. Highlighting your cupid’s bow, which is in the center of your upper lip, will make your lips appear more prominent. 

Put a little highlighter on your fingertip, then rub it over this region, or you can do it gently with the brush also. Apply the highlighter only to the region immediately above your lip, avoiding your actual lip.

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  1. Apply To Your Chin In The Middle

Your lips can be made more noticeable by emphasizing the center of your chin. On the chin’s center, try applying some highlighter. A little highlighter here won’t hurt, but not too much will. A simple dusting will do.

If you have highlighted your forehead, try to maintain a line between the highlighter on your chin and your forehead. The area directly above your chin is another place where to apply highlighter.

Bottom Line 

So this is the step-by-step guide for using a highlighter on your skin. A highlighter increases radiance, draws attention to features (particularly the cheekbones), improves complexion, and gives skin a post-vacation glow. Apply it correctly by using the above-mentioned tips on how to apply highlighter.

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