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How to Avoid Stretch Marks during Your Pregnancy?

How to Avoid Stretch Marks during Your Pregnancy?

Stretch marks are visible marks or lines on the skin, usually long and fine, that occurs when the skin is stretched rapidly, such as during rapid weight gain or pregnancy, which causes the elastic fibres to break. Initially, stretch marks are usually red or purple, but they tend to fade to a silvery-white hue over time.

Stretch marks can appear anywhere on the body where the skin has been stretched, but they are more common in areas that tend to store fat, such as the abdomen, chest, upper arms, buttocks and thighs. There is a specific type of stretch marks that are caused by Cushing’s Syndrome, a rare disease due to an elevated blood level of a hormone called cortisol. In this case, the marks are usually wider and larger and can appear even on the face.

Watch Julia Rae’s video to see her Pregnant Belly Routine Skincare to avoid Stretch Marks.

7 tips to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy:

  1. It is essential to hydrate the skin twice a day to maintain its natural elasticity. Hence, it is prepared to resist the distension produced by the increase in body volume in pregnancy.
  2. Drink lots of water. By drinking water, you hydrate the skin from the inside and promote its elasticity. Besides, drinking water is essential for the proper functioning of your body.
  3. Exercise regularly. Staying in shape during pregnancy is very important to be well and, also, a good muscle tone prevents micro-breaks in the skin so, get to work!
  4. Avoid exposure to the sun. And if you do, always use a good sunscreen and, afterwards, a very moisturizing after sun lotion.
  5. Massage the skin. The circular massages in the conflictive areas – chest, hips, belly and thighs – when applying the anti-stretch mark cream stimulate circulation. To strengthen the skin.
  6. Avoid smoking. Tobacco is completely contraindicated during pregnancy because it damages the baby but also the skin. Decreases the production of collagen and elastin and, therefore, favours the appearance of stretch marks.
  7. Keep using the stretch mark creams two to three months after delivery until the skin returns to its natural state. Stretch marks sometimes appear after having the baby.

Anti-stretch mark creams are of great help since they have substances that favour the formation of elastic fibres and collagen and have restorative assets.

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