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How to Avoid the White Cast from Sunscreens

How to Avoid the White Cast from Sunscreens

Thee Importance of Sunscreens.

Sunscreen should be an essential part of your everyday skincare to protect your skin from environmental elements. It has been found that regular use of sunscreen protects the skin from ageing and severe concerns like skin cancer. The benefits of using sunscreen are indisputable; however, questions do arise on their wearability. Many people encounter problems while wearing sunscreens as they tend to change the look and feel of the skin. A common issue reported by many is that it leaves a white cast on the face.

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Why do some sunscreens leave a white cast?

Everyone needs sun protection for healthy skin; however, it can often leave you with a white cast that washes you out and makes your skin look unnatural. In harsh lights, this white cast can become more pronounced. Certain mineral sunscreens have titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which are beneficial ingredients as they do not clog pores as chemical sunscreens do. However, it can leave a white film for people with deeper complexions as both zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are white in colour and do not get absorbed. Thus, they prevent sun damage by staying on the surface of the skin.

How to prevent a white cast from mineral sunscreens?

The white film on your face after sunscreen application can result from many things like your natural skin colour, the amount you apply, and other reasons. This issue of the white cast is more prominent on deeper skin tones as opposed to lighter ones. If you generally slather on many sunscreens, it would be better to go for a chemical sunscreen. However, if you want to use mineral sunscreens, there are specific steps you can take for everyday use that will make the sunscreen less noticeable.

·     Application: To get adequate protection from the sun, it is essential to use enough sunscreen. You should not try to use less to prevent the white cast from forming. Most experts recommend around a teaspoon of sunscreen for the face. It would be best if yIn addition, you tried to look for a non-greasy and lightweight formula in sunscreen so that it absorbs quickly. With the right formula, you will get adequate coverage, and it will not leave a white film on the face.

·     Try Tinted Sunscreen: You can also avoid a white cast by using mineral sunscreen with a tint. Tinted sunscreens do not leave a white cast on the face and give the skin a natural and healthy glow. If you have oily skin, there are many oil-free sunscreen formulas as well that blend seamlessly in all skin tones.

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·     Layer: When you want to wear makeup along with your sunscreen, you can layer the makeup products on top of your sunscreen. The makeup products are also great for hiding the white cast left by mineral sunscreens. You can use a lightweight foundation or a translucent mattifying powder to layer on top of your sunscreen.

With these tips, you can prevent the white cast from forming on your face after sunscreen application. Remember to let your skin absorb the sunscreen as products with zinc oxide, and titanium dioxide have a heavier consistency.

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