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How To Care For Your Nails & Hands In Winter The Best Way?

How To Care For Your Nails & Hands In Winter The Best Way?

How To Care For Your Nails & Hands In Winter The Best Way?

As winter sets in, the female brigade has one unanimous query – why are my hands and nails so dry? There are several reasons that contribute to this. For instance, it could be the result of the prevailing environmental conditions. On most occasions, it is the handiwork of the weather.

At times, it could be due to other reasons as well. This includes: Exposure to chemicals, frequent hand-washing, and certain medical conditions.

5 Ways To Protect Your Hands And Nails

Fortunately, there are scores of easy ways in which you can provide accurate care to your nails during winter. It includes things like:

  • Ensure you employ a hand lotion twice daily. Ideally, slathering after every hand-washing is desirable. Likewise, do so through the entire day.
  • When the time in question is night, make use of a thick and heavy hand cream.
  • Ensure you are keeping your nails a bit shorter during the chilly winter months.
  • Make sure you use the cuticle oil for at least once a day.

1. Keep Strengthening Your Nails During Winter Months 

There are several wonderful ways in which you can give strength to your nails during the winters. It includes:

  • Attend to all your cuticles religiously.
  • Resort to quick buffing. It will offer incredible help in stimulating circulation to all the nails during chilly months.
  • It will provide three things to your nails which are:
  1. Oxygen.
  2. Encouraging overall growth, and
  3. Nutrients to applicable surface.

When this happens, you are bound to end up gaining a healthy glow to your nails.

2. Give Satisfactory Relief And Care To Your Hands

It is the hands which takes the brunt of a chilly weather. On account of this, it warrants proper care and relief. You can accomplish this purpose by taking appropriate measures. It will include things like:

  • Avoid using sanitizers that contain alcohol.
  • Battle the hand eczema problem by using rich creams.
  • Keep moisturizing your hands at regular intervals.
  • Make sure you wash your hands as less as possible.
  • Do not refrain from using rubber hand gloves.
  • Resort to exfoliating.
  • Healing the hands when you sleep is of utmost importance.
  • Use Vaseline as much as possible since it can do wonders to your hands.

3. Adopt Better Ways Of Caring For Your Nails And Hand

Avoid exposure to cold as much as possible. If at all you are necessitated to expose yourself to cold, do so wearing a glove regularly. It is highly effective in protecting your nail coating. Similarly, keep your hands moisturized adequately.

4. Treat Your Nails In Winter Months In A Special Way

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Giving a special treatment to your nails and hands during winter month is a wise move. Take some simple measures like:

  • Protect your course nails and hands from cold weather.
  • Make sure to massage it in.
  • Ensure you are going easy when it comes to your nail polish.

5. Moisturising With A Lotion Can Do Wonders For You

Winter months are very harsh on your nails and hands. Take help of a lotion to keep them moisturized. This will aid you in preventing breaking, peeling, and splitting of nails.

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