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How To Choose The Best Blush Shade

How To Choose The Best Blush Shade


In cream or powder, blush is an essential cosmetic in makeup to give that final touch and achieve the “good face” effect. But what do you look for when you decide to buy a new blush? Do you just choose the colours that you like the most? You shouldn’t, as all shades don’t suit all skins.

Pinks, corals, reds, fuchsias, browns, oranges … Beauty brands offer more and more varieties in terms of blush, but all shades do not favour all skins. For the blush to fulfil the objective of making you have a glowy effect naturally and thus hide fatigue or the signs of ageing on the face, you have to choose the best blush tone according to your skin.

Colour Theory In Makeup

Do you know the theory of colour? Makeup artists recognize that it is essential to know what shades favour each skin. Your skin can be lighter, medium or dark, something quite easy to find out, but, in addition to the colour seen with the naked eye, all skins have an undertone, which can be cold, warm or neutral. Knowing what undertone you are is essential to get your blush right and, in general, with all makeup, from foundation to concealer or powder.

How Is Your Skin Undertone?

There are various tricks to find out; the simplest is to look at the veins inside the wrists. If they are blue, you are cold. People with a cool undertone blush easily, and when they tan, their tan is more red than gold. If your veins tend to a greenish colour, you are warm. In addition, surely after sunbathing, your skin colour tends to gold. If you do not identify with one or the other, you are neutral. Your skin will tend, depending on the moment, to be cold or warm.

Which Blush Colour To Choose?

Makeup artist Eliecer Prince, Guerlain’s National Makeup Artist, advises that people with cold skin use pink, purple, or coral shades. Warm people should go for peach, orange, and orange-tan (not so much brown). And neutral people. They can use both cold and warm colours.

Those with darker skin can find it a bit tricky finding a blush that doesn’t come out too ashy or too pale on their skin. When choosing the perfect blush colour for dark skin, opt for those with brighter, bolder and more vibrant pigments like a bold orange, a deep violet, or a vivid red.

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