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How to Choose The Best Cosmetic Brand?

How to Choose The Best Cosmetic Brand?

“With the high number of cosmetic brands available out there, it became difficult to choose the right one without just wasting money…”

Nowadays, we can find more makeup and cosmetic brands in the market than anything else, it actually looks like that anyone who was bored and didn’t know what business to set up, or woke up in the following morning and decided to launch a cosmetic brand, and especially with all the influencers and all the celebrities that want to get extra income by launching cosmetic brands…

Did you know that most of the brands are owned by the same company?

Yes, most of the brands are owned by the same company, L’Oreal is a company that owns many other big brands such as Lancôme, YSL, Kiehl’s and NYX Cosmetics, Estée Lauder owns Too Faced, Clinique and Bobbie Brown… These are just two examples to give you and make you be aware that sometimes you might be skipping a brand that you don’t like and you go for their competitor thinking that it’s their competitor, however, it is not, you are just buying another name!

Why do these giants own many other brands?

The reason is simple; it’s either to kill the competitor and own it or to make you think you are buying a different brand, however, it is not always negative reasons, as most giants buy other names and create other brands in order to bring a wider range of products in order to satisfy the demand of the consumers.

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So which makeup brand should I choose?

Nowadays, it is no longer just a matter of the tone or colour of the foundation, but also of the formula, the type of skin, the ingredients, if it’s tested in animals etc…

<span class=has inline color has thb accent color>Many companies that produce cosmetics they sell the same products to different celebrities and clients they only change the packaging and the name Meaning that most of the brands you see out there that are owned by influencers or celebrities are exactly the same the only difference is the price and the packaging<span>

Tips to choose the best cosmetic brand for your needs:

  • Look at the products: When we talk about cosmetic brands we think of makeup bases, but the world of cosmetics is much more (concealers, primers, eye shadows, lipsticks, skincare etc.) Therefore, you should choose brands that have a variety of products and even specific lines so that you always hit the proposals of shades that they offer. It is also good that you choose brands with a wide variety of products for all skin types so that you will surely find your perfect makeup base or your perfect hydrating cream for instance.
  • Look at the price: The price is important although beauty, cosmetics and makeup have undergone a revolution in this regard. The most expensive brands used to be synonymous with the best, but today we find low-cost cosmetic brands with products that are very good, however, keep in mind that you should never spend too little on cosmetics. Always remember that your skin is the most valuable thing you have and should only use brands that not only bring good results, but that also takes care of your skin while you wear your makeup for example.
  • Learn more about the brand: On the other hand, as you would with any other product, makeup also lends itself to research when it comes to brands. In this way, when choosing a brand, it may be a good idea to investigate what evaluations it has, what beauty experts say about them and what results they offer.
  • Animal testing: This is an important point because, for years, the cosmetic industry has tested the formulas of its products on animals. Fortunately, this practice is being shelved, although brands that do not really test on animals indicate it on their products. Something that is also good to look at.
  • Harmful and unnecessary chemicals: This is a very important point to keep in mind. You should be aware of the harmful chemical out there that are unnecessary for your skin in order for you to spot when you read the ingredient list on any makeup package before you buy.
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