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How to Choose The Best Eyeshadow Palette?

How to Choose The Best Eyeshadow Palette?

A good eyeshadow palette is essential when doing full makeup, especially for a special occasion…

The eyeshadow palette’s function is simple: it brings together in a single article, a large number of colours and shadow possibilities. It is recommended that beginners choose palettes with more classic tones such as brown, nude, and black.
As sizes vary, prices also vary greatly. There are very affordable palettes, as well as you should find costly ones.

How to choose the ideal eyeshadow palette?

There are so many options that choosing the dream eyeshadow palette can be a bit confusing. However, some tips can help you:

Watch Robert Jones from Beauty Academy explaining how to choose the right colours for you.
  • Choose palettes that have neutral colours like nude, brown, and black. They are versatile and the basis for most compositions.
  • If you have almost no eyeshadow and don’t tend to use much makeup, avoid overly coloured palettes. You will rarely use them.
  • Before completing your purchase, do a trial run by applying the shadow to the back of your hand. If the tone remains the same as the one in the storefront and doesn’t crumble, that’s fine!
  • If your skin is fairly white, it is advisable to choose more pastel tones if you are looking for colour or opt for darker tones such as grey, black or brown.
  • If you have darker skin, you can dare with more striking colours and fluorine, such as orange, fuchsia pink or intense green.
Watch Marlena Stell explaining how to pair your eyeshadow like a professional makeup artist.

Your hair colour is also important to keep in mind before you choose your eyeshadow palette…

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Do my hair colour influence on the choice of shades?

  • If you have blonde or light brown hair, the colours that suit you the most is the coldest in the chromatic range, such as green or blue, or grey can also be a good option.
  • If your hair is darker or brunette, you can opt for both warmer tones such as earthy tones such as orange-brown or cooler tones such as green or purple.
  • If your hair is red, your thing is cold or neutral colours, such as grey, black or green.

What about the shadow texture?

A good quality shade has a firm texture and especially does not crumble. At the time of choosing, it is essential that you manually test at least one of the shadows in the palette to see if it has good pigment. The texture of the shadow is also closely related to its durability. Those with a too fine texture and little pigmentation tend to be the least durable.

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