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How to Choose The Best Hair Extensions?

How to Choose The Best Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions have become very popular in the last few years; girls opt for hair extensions to obtain the perfect look. This amazing accessory is allowing us to wear celebrities’ hairstyle without damaging our natural hair. This is the reason why hairstylists all over the world are recommending hair extensions.

Everything you need to know about Hair Extensions.

Suppose you have decided to wear hair extensions but don’t know what to choose and how you have to consider a series of factors not to deceive you. In this article, you will learn three fundamental tips to help you choose your best option for extensions

Things to consider before choosing hair extensions.

Hair Extensions Tutorial – Full Install by DreamCatchers Head Educator Dorothy

Type of hair

As a first point, you should look at the type of hair the extension you choose. It may be all synthetic, all-natural, or mixed. An irrefutable test to know if the hair is 100% natural is to ask if the extension can be dyed or if it can be ironed. If the answer is no, it contains a percentage of synthetic that would prevent the hair from changing colour and that with the heat, it will frizz.

Extension system type

Another important thing to consider is what type of extension system is the one that will suit you best. There are many systems, but to solve your doubts, the first question you have to ask is: Do I want a fixed system or a removable system? Depending on your daily life, you can choose one option or another if you like to wear your extensions on specific days and that you can comb your hair normally, you should choose the removable extensions, clip-on and clip in but if for, on the contrary, you want some extensions that you do not have to think about how to put them on every morning, we recommend that you choose a fixed system such as the Micro-Clips System.

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The weight of the package

If you decide to buy curtain extensions to wear with the Micro-Clips system, you must consider the weight of the package. Usually, the amount needed to make a good mane is about 80g. Different brands even recommend 120g, but you have to look at how 120 g are distributed.

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