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How to Choose the Best Kérastase Collection for Your Hair Type?

How to Choose the Best Kérastase Collection for Your Hair Type?

Five Hair Changing Kérastase Collections. 

A great luxurious way to give your hair everything it needs to look rich and vibrant, is probably with the Kérastase haircare products. Kérastase is a French brand well-known for their high-performing haircare products for women. Aside from creating other haircare products as well, the hair line of masks from Kérastase are particularly renowned.

Different hair collections are created to cater to different hair needs. The kind of Kérastase hair collection you should choose, depends on what kind and the type of hair you have. If you’re looking to address specific hair conditions, such as damaged or dry hair, you could take those into consideration as well. Here are five of the best hair collections from Kérastase that could help you out.

1. Chronologiste

If you have very damaged hair, then Chronologiste can be everything your hair needs to feel healthy, rich, and luxurious again. Because this collection is formulated with a combination of high-performing ingredients that includes Hyaluronic Acid, Abyssine and Vitamin E. Since these ingredients have the ability to help in the reconstruction of hair that is weak and old. This hair collection can also help you manage and as well as get rid of, split ends in your hair. You can also control future breakages to ensure that your hair stays strong and healthy.

This is the most indulging hair collection of all Kérastase collections and the only one that revitalizes the hair and the scalp at the same time. Chronologiste is the anti-aging routine for your hair.

Chronologiste – Anti-aging Hair Care Routine

2. Genesis

Genesis is one of the newest hair care collections by Kérastase that treats hair fall due to hair breakage from brushing. Because the Genesis collection is a dual action fortifying system professionally formulated to strengthen hair and reduce hair breakage.

If you have hair that falls down, and if you are looking for a way to make your hair appear healthier, fine and more beautiful. This hair collection is probably the most suitable for you in order to have healthier looking hair.

3. Nutritive

If you have dry hair and are looking for ways to hydrate it and make it feel smooth, then the Kérastase Nutritive collection can be a great companion for your hair because it helps you with better hydration. Dryness and frizziness won’t be an issue for you anymore, even for a few days after using this hair collection.

Restore beautiful locks and hydrate your hair with the help of Nutritive and say goodbye to coarse, dry hair, and enjoy beautiful hair all the time.

4. Blond Absolu

If you have blonde or bleached hair and have been searching for the best performing hair products for such hair you might have a winner here with the Blond Absolu. For light color hair, the perfect hair collection is probably the Kérastase Blond Absolu. One of the hair masks and shampoos of the Blonde Absolu collection are colored purple, and can work to effectively counter brassiness in blonde hair.

If you have grey hair, then you can use this collection too to make the color of your grey hair appear brighter as well. For anyone with blonde or lighter colored hair, this is probably the collection to choose.

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Blond Absolu – Routine for Highlighted Blonde

5. Réflection

If you have colored hair, then you know that you need to take extra care when choosing your hair products. This as you need to ensure that the ingredients in your shampoo don’t wash out the color in your hair. For people with colored hair, the Kérastase Reflection is the answer.

You can add hydration to your colored hair, without worrying about your hair products affecting the color in your hair in any way. In fact, this collection can make the color in your hair appear richer and more vibrant instead.


These are some of the best-performing hair collections you can find from Kérastase. But only choose the collection you need since it also will depend on the state of your hair, so hopefully you’ll get the expected beautiful looking hair after using these products. In case of doubt, remember that Kérastase offers a hair-quiz and online consultations where online diagnosis tool will get you on the right track to find the perfect hair care routine for your special needs.

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