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How to Choose the Best Long Lasting Makeup Foundation

How to Choose the Best Long Lasting Makeup Foundation


Choosing the best long lasting makeup foundation might seem a hard task, but is actually not. The base of your makeup, the product where it all begins, is your foundation, requires your utmost attention. After you have done pampering up your skin and you are at the point of applying your foundation, you should know that it is the one that will cover up all blemishes and will give you a radiant glow that will make your day. 

But what are the secrets that women use to choose a long lasting makeup foundation? How comes some women have a long lasting full coverage foundation that perfectly matches their skin tone? You will now get to read some of the top suggestions and tips for improving your foundation wear and letting your makeup shine bright for the rest of the day. 

Let’s see how to choose the best long lasting makeup foundation

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1. Make sure you have prepped up your skin:

Knowing that foundation is not part of your skincare, you need to make your skin ready for applying makeup. Using the proper skincare will always keep your skin radiant, your makeup will last longer on it, and daily skincare will fight off dryness and oiliness to keep the skin well balanced. Choose a long-lasting makeup brand to look flawless in all looks.

2. Know your perfect shade:

The best long lasting foundation for oily skin will always be the one that suits your skin tone and doesn’t look like an alien shade applied onto your skin. There is a lot of space for having foundation swatches, but the skin on this area is darker than your skin on the face. 

When you buy your long stay foundation, you need to make enough trials on your skin to know your right shade. This shouldn’t be a shade that matches your skin exactly but must be lighter as all foundation oxidize and go a bit dark after some time. 

3. Take your makeup foundation as a veil:

If you want your foundation to cover up your pimples, dark circles, or any redness, then having a corrector or a concealer is what you should opt for. A foundation isn’t meant to cover these things up, and you should not also attempt for it so that your foundation does its job all day long. 

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4. Know your required coverage level:

If you don’t like wearing too much makeup, you will feel like having a long lasting dull coverage foundation is too heavy. Knowing the exact look on all coverage levels is the primary key to picking the ideal product for your needs. Experts suggest that you choose a sheer foundation to know what coverage is the right coverage for you. Go from light to a medium range of coverage as it is buildable. You should go for a full coverage long-stain foundation if you want the best long-lasting foundation that won’t even need mid-day touchups. 

5. Adapt the shade you have picked to the season:

You will not be able to keep using a single foundation throughout the year and in all seasons. Our skin surface warms up in the spring and summer months when we are active outdoors and are in direct sunlight, and hence you should warm up the tone too.

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