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How to Choose The Best Makeup for Sensitive Skin?

How to Choose The Best Makeup for Sensitive Skin?

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Sensitive skin is the type of skin that gives a reaction that can be in the form of redness or allergy to any and every product used. This may occur due to many factors involved.

What Causes Sensitive Skin Reaction?

This can range from dehydration which causes dry and itchy skin (due to some conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and break-outs). These medical conditions compromise the skin even more. Even normal skin may experience redness and irritation if one of them was the cause. 

So, sensitive skin is not a side effect of any factor or disease but it is considered a skin type that both men and women may have, and they may experience some sensitivity regularly. 

Makeup Products Suitable for Sensitive Skin

The one thing to consider when selecting and buying makeup products for sensitive skin is formulation. Since sensitive skin cannot stand harsh formulated products with active ingredients, strong fragrances, and many other kinds of irritants that may and will cause irritation and redness of the skin. 

Here are some tips that will help in choosing products suitable products that work for sensitive skin. They are as follows:

1. Select fragrance-free makeup products 

People who have sensitive skin should always go for those makeup products that do not have any kind of fragrance in them. Those makeup products are also beneficial to sensitive skin that does not have so many active ingredients present in them. 

For sensitive skin, the top ingredients to be avoided are alcohol percentage, retinoids, alpha hydroxy agents, and antibacterial products. If present, their action on the skin is very harsh which leads to redness, irritation, breakouts, and flare-ups.

2. Use organic products 

It is safe for people who have sensitive skin to use products that are natural that is which contain organic ingredients in them for example aloe vera and argan oil.  The safest makeup product that can be used regularly is the setting powder because it has fewer preservatives in them and does not irritate the skin. 

3. The perfect foundation 

When selecting which foundation would work best for sensitive skin, always keep in mind that the foundation that is the most hydrating is the best choice. The foundation should have a silicone base as they are safer. Refrain from using makeup products that are waterproof because they require strong makeup remover to be taken off which is not beneficial to sensitive skin. 

4. Eye makeup products 

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When looking for makeup for eyes, always choose pencil liners as they are smudge-proof and are made out of wax. If liquid liners are used, the first drawback is that they can smudge and the second is that they are made out of latex which is an eye irritant.

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