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How to Choose The Best Mascara Brush?

How to Choose The Best Mascara Brush?

Types of Mascara Brushes.

Mascara is a must-have product for everyone, whether you are a newbie in the realm of beauty and makeup or a full-blown makeup virtuoso. It is quite literally the magic wand that grants every woman’s fairy tale wish of flaunting those princess-like eyes in a jiffy. Jazzing up for an evening cocktail party or trying to ace that no make-up look for a Sunday brunch, choosing the right mascara is the key to hitting the bullseye. We all have diverse eye shapes, eyelids and lash volume, so a one-size-fits-all approach for mascara would never yield the perfect results for any makeup look. Besides the formula and consistency of the product, the brush or wand-type is typically where most people go wrong. Several variants of brushes are available in the market across all brands.

Here is a quick guide to choosing the right style of brush, based on your needs:

Elongated Fine-toothed Brush

Often made of metal bristles, the sharpness helps separate the lashes to avoid clamping of the liquid. It is ideal if you have somewhat curly, dense and short lashes.

Pointy Arrow-like Brush

This also goes by the name heart-shaped brush and is well suited if your eyes are deep-set and close to the nose-bridge. In addition, the unusual shape helps to avoid any mess up during a hurried application before going out.

Spherical Spike Brush

This is a great choice for selective application and coating if you have an uneven distribution of thick and sparse lashes across the lash lines. In addition, the small round shape helps while coating the lower lashes, which can get daunting at times with the regular wands.

Stout Jumbo Brush

This one gives a dramatic fluttery look when applied to dense lashes. A quick press with the eyelash curlers followed by a couple of strokes with this one can give you the ultimate oomph.

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Slanted Brush

Slightly bent at the upper end, the curvature of the brush ensures you comb and coat the tops of the lashes, too, evenly applying the product throughout the lash body.

Hourglass Shaped brush

A mélange of thick, thin, long and short bristles is designed for people with scattered lashes for an intense, bold, voluminous yet natural look.

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