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How to Choose The Best Skincare Routine for Your Skin?

How to Choose The Best Skincare Routine for Your Skin?

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A good basic skincare routine can be difficult to choose among the millions of self-claimed beauty experts on social media, the latest trends and all ins and outs of what a good skincare routine is, even for women with years or decades of experience taking good care of their skins since the beauty market injects new brands, products and new beauty-promises in front of you in the same pace as new posts on Instagram.

Starting A Skincare Routine For Beginners

Starting a new skincare routine might seem a bit difficult or overwehalming with all the new trends, and the wide range of skincare ingredients in the market. Knowing what your skin type is and what it needs, it will make it much easier for you to find the right and most suitable skincare routine that will help you get your dream glowing skin.

Whether you’re beginner, tried a few routines or have years of daily routines, a good basic skincare routine with proper products are always a good start. Here are a few tips to get started or reset to the basics if you feel overwhelmed about the latest beauty buzz from brands or influencers bombarding you with dazzling promises.

No Need To Fret Over Complexities

Though it may seem like a massive world of options and products, you don’t need to make your skincare routine any complex. You have to keep it simple and try including only the primary products in your whole regime. 

You can start with a simple process of cleansing, moisturizing, and applying sunscreen. It’s that simple. You can modify it later and add products per your skin needs. If you have acne, you can add a spot treatment, etc. 

Know Your Skin Type

This is the most crucial step in maintaining a skincare routine for yourself. It would help if you always tried to use products that suit your skin type. And for this, you should know what your skin type is. 

You can have one of the following skin types:

Any of these can be yours, and luckily there is a wide range of products available for each skin type.

Any effective skincare routine should include the following steps:

  • 1. Pick a cleanser:

You have to cleanse your skin every time you wake up or come back home, or are going to bed. This will protect your skin from oil, dirt, and bacteria and give you smooth and fresh skin. The very first step in your overall routine is crucial. 

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Cleanse your face to provide you with fresh skin to start your day or end it with. You will also benefit from the remaining skincare products you apply if you start with clean skin. 

  • 2. Look for a suitable moisturizer:

Your skin requires moisture to keep the water stored for the rest of the day. Moisturizers having certain ingredients like hyaluronic acid and ceramides may help in giving your skin all the healthy hydration amounts you need. It will then stay soft and youthful.  

  • 3. Don’t skip out on sunscreen:

A day skincare routine or any skincare routine will require you to use sunscreen every day. You need to protect your skin from harmful UV rays, and for this, you must apply a suitable sunscreen every time you step out. It will protect your skin from photoaging, reduce your chances of developing skin cancer, and reduce wrinkles and dark spots. 

These are the basics of any ideal skincare routine for beginners, and you can start on it the right way. There are many ways you can build up your skincare routine per your skin needs. A skincare routine is built gradually, and hence you must not fret over having the ideal one right away.

Skincare Routine – Dr. Anthony Youn

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