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How to Choose the Right Lashes for Your Eye Shape

How to Choose the Right Lashes for Your Eye Shape

False Lashes Guide.

Who can deny the magical effect of false eyelashes? A pair of false eyelashes can not only open up a woman’s eyes but can also make them sexier and bigger at the same time. However, one thing is for sure-all eyelashes do not suit all types of eyes. It means although false eyelashes may raise a person’s self-esteem, they may not always make their eyes look better, particularly when the style and fit are incorrect. Therefore, it is important to get the correct pair of false eyelashes to frame the eyes well. As it may be baffling to find the most appropriate style, here is a guide to choose the right lash to flatter a particular eye shape.

1. False Lashes for Almond-Shaped Eyes

A person with almond-shaped eyes cannot see any white below or above her iris, contrary to round eyes. A woman with such an eye shape can use any false lashes. They can flaunt their eyes’ sexy shape with voluminous lashes, which are uniformly distributed along with the band.

2. False Lashes for Deep-Set Eyes

Do you have deep-set eyes that sit marginally under the brow bone? It is good news as a lot of drama can then be added with your eyelashes. Use a long and curled pair of eyelashes to open up the eyes and increase their size. However, make sure to curl them gently so that your eyes can open up.

3. False Lashes for Round Eyes

If a woman has large and round eyes, it is possible to view the white around her iris. They should opt for wispy lashes that can create a more dramatic effect on their outer corner. Such lashes can create a sexy cat-eye shape, and curled options can make their eyes look more dramatic.

4. False Lashes for Small Eyes

Hooded eyes usually have the eyelid’s fold conceal some parts of the lid when the eyes are open. Small eyes also mean that the entire lid is not visible. When a person has small eyes and hooded eyes, the goal is to open up their eyes as much as possible. Thick, long, and dramatic eyelashes may look heavy and also make these eyes look smaller. So, it is better to opt for eyelashes, which are more natural-looking and shorter.

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5. False Lashes for Monolid Eyes

The term monolid signifies that there is no visible crease on a person’s eyelids. This kind of eye shape is a common phenomenon among Asian ethnicities. People with such eye shape can choose fluttery eyelashes featuring crisscross layers. These eyelashes can open up their eyes to make them look more beautiful. We recommend people with this eye shape to curl their lashes always after their application so that their eyes get more height.

So, now you know what type of false eyelashes will be most appropriate for your eye shape. Finally, once you have purchased the right pair of eyelashes, it is imperative to ensure that they are trimmed enough for matching the eyes properly. The false eyelash band’s length is usually long so that they can accommodate all. However, many people have to trim off slightly to ensure a snug fit.

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