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How to Choose the Right Makeup for Olive Skin Tones

How to Choose the Right Makeup for Olive Skin Tones

Olive Skin Tones Makeup Guide.

If you have olive skin, the struggle for choosing the right makeup is REAL. Having an olive skin tone makes it easier for you to tan, which leads to an ever-changing complexion. It’s no wonder then that a seemingly easy task of finding a concealer or foundation for yourself turns into a cumbersome one. We feel you, pretty ladies!

In this article, we have rounded up some easy tips to help you choose the right makeup for olive skin tones that can make you stand out.

What is Olive Skin Tone?

Foundation for Olive Skin Tone

In most cases, neutral foundation shades are ideal for olive skin. However, in some cases, olive skin can have cold or warm undertones, making it harder to choose the right shade. Try to match the foundation shade with the undertone instead of the surface color to pick the right product. For example, if the foundation looks too yellow / too pink on you, take that as a hint to go for the opposite undertone.

Blushes for Olive Skin Tone

Avoid blushes that give your skin a greenish hue. Pale and cool-toned shades are a big no too. Instead, opt for a warm peach, bronze, shimmery, or rosy pink shade that can perk up your olive-colored skin. These bright shades give you a natural-looking flush without making you look overdone.

Highlighter for Olive Skin Tone

A rosy-toned highlighter can enhance the warm undertones of your gorgeous olive skin. Steer clear from silvery-shade highlights as they can give you a chalky or ashy look. Instead, go for coppery or golden ones that give your skin a lovely glow. When in doubt, trust a gold highlighter to come to your rescue.

Lipsticks for Olive Skin Tone

Being blessed with an olive skin tone gives you a wide range of lipstick options from electric orange to subtle nude to pamper yourself. In addition, your natural gold undertones can be accentuated with big and bright shades, while berry or brown hues with chocolate undertones can make you look vibrant. 

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Eyeshadow for Olive Skin Tone

Depending on the occasion and your eyeshadow mood, you can choose from copper shimmers and chocolate browns to stunning golds for the perfect look. Dark plum and mauve shades are always a winner, no matter how light or dark your olive skin tone is. Go for teal, golden brown hues, or navy blues instead of green, yellow or bright blue. 

Wrapping Up

When it comes to the beauty world, olive skin may be the most underrepresented skin tone. But we hope the above tips make it easier to buy the right makeup on your next shopping spree. So go ahead, venture into the makeup world and choose the right beauty products that can flatter your skin and make the heads turn!

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