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How to Choose The Right Perfume?

How to Choose The Right Perfume?

Perfume Guide

Choosing & Wearing The Right Perfume.

Choosing a perfume is not always easy, especially if it’s a gift.

It would help if you considered many factors, such as who will wear it, what tastes they have, even the day to day and the routines of that person can affect when choosing their perfume. If it’s for yourself, then the task becomes easier.

Picking Up The Best Perfume for You

  • Test the perfume on your skin before buying it because the smell of the bottle may be different when applied, and also, on each skin, it may smell different. Use lighter perfumes in summer and stronger in winter.
  • When choosing a perfume, it is important to know the “families” that perfumers use. There are citrus perfumes (lemon, orange, bergamot); fruit trees (strawberry, apple); floral (jasmine, rose, musk); oriental (cloves, pepper, liquorice); woody (sandalwood, patchouli, cedar); Cyprus (a complex combination of woods and fruits), among others.

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  • The best time to apply perfume is after bathing when the skin is damp. Do not combine the scent of perfume with another cologne or any scented cosmetic, or it will lose its original fragrance.
  • To make the perfume last longer, apply it to the pulse points of the body. The wrists, behind the ears, elbows, neck and chest. They are points that act as diffusers of the fragrance since they are warmer than other body areas.

The perfect time to choose perfume is when you are happy and excited. Studies show that the adrenaline you release at the moment of happiness refines your smell, making it easier for you to make the right choice.

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