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How to Choose Your Nail Colour According to Your Skin Tone?

How to Choose Your Nail Colour According to Your Skin Tone?

Life is too short to wear boring nails…

Nail colour can say a lot about your look. It can make your hands and feet loot flawless and also, matches with your clothing. It also says a lot about your personality.

Your nails colour can reveal some secrets about your personality!

Nowadays, you can find plenty of colours of all tones, colours that you don’t even expect that they can look nice on your skin, but they can definitely surprise you. However, not all women are brave enough to try different trends, for this reason, this article is going to help you to know more about nail colours and which ones will perfectly suit you according to your skin tone, and for every occasion.

How to choose the colour of your nail polish according to your skin tone?

Many women spend time choosing their nail polish. Not all of us feel good about the same tones and, therefore, it is good to know which are the ones that suit you the most.

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  • Pale Skin Tones: For these types of skins, the nail polish in pastel tones such as pinks, blues, creams, peaches etc… Suit you very well as some of them make your skin look elegant, where others will make your skin more attractive. It is preferable to avoid colours that are too dark.
  • Fair Skin Tones: If your skin tone os in the Fair line, then your tone looks best with nail polish in shades of light purple, light pink, raspberry, soft orange, and fuchsia. Remember to always go for bright and colourful tones!
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  • Honey Skin Tones: Generally look good with any nail polish colour, lucky you! There are endless shades that you can choose from such as reds, garnets, blues, yellows, oranges, pinks…
  • Tanned Skin Tones: Look beautiful with shades of pink, coral, light blue, as well as terracotta tones like light brown and copper.

What about matching my lipstick with my nail polish?

Wearing the same colour on your lips and nails is a great way to have a more balanced and elegant look. If you are going to use, for example, a red, coral, fuchsia or pink lipstick, you will always look more attractive if you combine it with nail polish also of the same colour. Always try to choose those lipstick shades that best suit your skin tone. However, nail polish colours that are not bright or dark, are easy to combine with any lipstick clour.

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