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How to Colour Your Grey Hair at Home?

How to Colour Your Grey Hair at Home?

Retouching your hair roots and covering the grey hair is a beauty essential for most women. Sometimes, it is not easy to get a suitable appointment with your hairdresser because of your busy calendar. But what about learning how to do it at home? Take note of these tips to cover your grey hair, and you will be able to achieve results almost as spectacular as if you had just left the hairdresser.

Here are the steps to follow

How to Color Stubborn Grey Hair.
  1. The first thing is to put on gloves and a cape to avoid unwanted stains on your skin and clothes.
  2. Pour the dye into a bowl and stir until you get a uniform mixture. It is important to protect the skin in the forehead area with a protective product.
  3. With dry and unwashed hair, apply the product starting from the forehead area’s hairline, from ear to ear. Subsequently, make the part in the middle and apply the dye to the root that has grown.
  4. It is essential to take small amounts of product and gradually separate the different sections, selecting fine strands.
  5. Once you have applied the product, let it act for about 35 minutes.
  6. Finally, rinse in the shower with plenty of hot water, shampoo, and then conditioner.
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