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How to do a Cat-Eye for Different Eye Shapes

How to do a Cat-Eye for Different Eye Shapes

Cat-Eye Makeup Tutorial.

Cat-eye makeup is a classic eye look that is hard to find. Eye makeup is deceptive, so learning to work with your skills is critical. Cat eyeliner is famous for its complexity. Armed with your favorite eyeliner and angled brush, you can create an enhanced eyeliner look that enhances your natural eye shape.

Deep Eye Tips:

Deep eyes have a strong liver bone that can hide the texture of your eyes underneath them.

Create a thick line with the eyeliner to be easily visible. Keep the eyeliner thinner on the inner parts of the eyes and wider on the outer parts. Finish with a coat of mascara or false eyelashes.

Hooded Eye Tips

Hooded eyes are similar to deep eyes but have more skin than space bone. This can cause a particular slope that hides your eyelids and creases.

Start the wing tip at the beginning of your hood so that it will be visible when your eyes are open. After drawing the 45-degree line of your wing, draw a line from the inner corner of the wing line to the bottom of your upper lash line. This forms a vertical mark at the outer corner of the eye. Lines should not be too deep inside the hood. Otherwise, you won’t be able to see this vertical mark.

Wide Set Eye Tips:

Long wings can make wide eyes seem even more apart from each other. So, keeping the wings short and upward is a good idea.

When inserting the lines of internal burst, bring the two lines together at the inner corner of the eye and try to extend that line to balance. Try to make your eyeliner thicker at your lash line’s center and inner corner than the edges.

Close Set Eye Tips:

With your eyes closed, try to stretch out the wings and keep them horizontal. While lining lash lines, do not bring the lines to meet at the inner corner of the eye. Instead, focus on the outer parts of the eyes.

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You can also try to start your liner from the middle of your eye. Then, to brighten up the area, apply a tiny amount of concealer to the inner parts of your eyes. Double wing also looks good with closed eyes.

Upturned Eye Tips:

These eyes are ideal for cat-eye makeup because you can get a regular wing by following your lash line’s upper natural curve. Experiment with a layer of thick and thin lines to see which is best for you.

Downturned Eye Tips:

With your eyes widened, start the wing from the middle of the eye, and make sure that it is at a 45-degree angle from the corner of your eye. Next, make a short wing and leave the lower lash lines.

Mono lids Tips:

Mono lids are an eye-opener that seems to have no weight. The eyeliner should be applied very close to the lash line or tight lined to be visible. For a more casual look, try covering the most robust lines near your eye area with a short wing starting from the corner of your eye.

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