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How to Do a Smokey Eye for Your Eye Shape

How to Do a Smokey Eye for Your Eye Shape

Eye Makeup Tutorial.

“The smoky eye is deceptive, and understanding your eye shape plays an important role in the result,” explains Naik. “The traditional smoky eye involves combining the right amount of colour – usually black and black. While the process is almost the same, the steps vary from time to time. Here, you share the smoky eye procedures you will want to follow for specific eye makeup.

Wide-Set Eyes

If your eyes are far apart, it can help you visually adjust the distance between your peers and the right eye shape. With sights set wide, take colour into every corner of the eye. Focusing on dark hues in the inner corner will give the illusion of a closer look. Look for large pigments in the eyeshadow palette to achieve that smoky effect.

Close-Set Eyes

On the other side of the spectrum, the closest eyes have a small distance between the inner corners. When making a smoky eye in this eye structure, making the colour stand out is essential. You can apply a light colour to one part of your eyes, from the inner corners, and bring it out with a darker shade. It also helps to hold the brightness in the inner corners and rub some on your forehead bones.

Hooded Eyes

The structure is distinguished by a hat-like skin over the eyeball, making the upper eyelid look smaller. The key to creating the perfect eye for smoky eyes is to create a new crease with a soft brown shade. Mixing in the crease plays an essential role in creating the finished effect as it moves from dark to light tones. As a complete touch, access the cursor to unlock your peers.

Monolid Eyes

Since monolid eyes do not have their own, you can create a false one with your eyeshadow palette. It is essential to use a good eye primer so that the pigs do not fill the lid. Next, apply eyeshadow on the lower lash line and enlarge it with heavy mascara to make your eye look more prominent.

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Downturned Eyes

If you have drooping eyes, the key to raising your smoking eye is to lift it. Dab the hue you selected next to the eyelid and brought it up as you reach the end. Lifting the eyeshadow with winged eyeliner will give the illusion of big, raised eyes.

Upturned Eyes

The round eyes are expected, and they are very similar to almond-shaped eyes. This eye shape is usually separated by a lower lid, which is more prominent than the upper eyelid and appears longer. The key here is to keep the lash line bottom firm as a top lid to balance the look.

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