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How to Double Cleanse Your Skin Properly

How to Double Cleanse Your Skin Properly

The Ultimate Guide to Double Cleansing.

If you have been looking for the ultimate way to cleanse your skin, your wait ends right here.

The answer is double-cleansing.

This unique skin cleansing regime is built around being sure that your skin is ultra-clean!

Your skin does undergo a lot of push and pull. It is the outermost covering of your body, and it comes into contact with harsh pollutants, makeup chemicals, UV rays from the sun, dust, grime and insect residue. Yikes!

If you go to be bed with all this toxic mix, some of it will penetrate the skin barrier and enter your bloodstream. This is why cleansers have an essential job to accomplish.

This ‘way better’ way of cleaning is known as double-cleansing, and as the title suggests, it means cleansing your skin twice over.

Read on to know more.

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What is the Double Cleansing Routine? 

This is a two-step cleansing method. What sets it apart from other types of cleansing methods is that the first cleanse is ‘oil-based and the second ‘water-based’. 

The rationale for doing so is simple. The oil will strip the dirt and grime that is not soluble in water. And the water-based cleanser will wash away impurities that are soluble in water.

This way, you get rid of all the pollutants and grime from your face.

Benefits of Double Cleansing

The foremost benefit of a double cleanse is that it thoroughly cleanses your skin.

This means that your skin remains healthy, youthful and pigmentation- free for longer.

The appearance of pores is minimized as double cleansing prevents and clears up acne or pimples while slowing down premature ageing of the skin.

A clean skin surface allows the moisturizers, toners, serums, and creams to penetrate deep into the layers of your skin to work their magic.  

Double cleansing also removes sunscreen, skin sebum, as well as oil-based pollutants.

How to Clean Your Skin Using this Method?

This is a method that you can follow before going to bed daily.

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All you have to do is-

  1. Clean with an oil-based cleanser

You can use a cream-based cleanser to remove the oily impurities before attempting a regular cleanse.

This will magnetize away the oily makeup residue, sunscreen, and sebum buildup from the outer surface of your skin. Then, all you have to do is to massage the product into the skin and wash. It’s that easy.

2. Clean with water-based cleaner

Use a water-based cleanser to sweep away the remaining water-based impurities like dead skin cells, grime, bacteria, and dirt using any water-based cleanser.

Double-cleansing is usually very good for people with dry skins. 

Do follow this simple method to clean your skin and keep it healthy for long. 

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