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How To Find The Best Foundation Match Online In 6 Steps?

How To Find The Best Foundation Match Online In 6 Steps?

How To Find The Best Foundation Match Online In 6 Steps?

Foundation is famously the most challenging cosmetic product to buy online: Not only there is such an overwhelming amount of products out there, but there are also so many factors you need to consider. A foundation shade that does not match up with your neck will just not look good. So to make this process as painless as possible, look at the guide below to learn how to find your ideal foundation when shopping online very easily.

6 Tips To Find Your Foundation Match Online

  • Know Your Skin Concerns

If you have only skin, then you will want to go with a long-wearing, matte foundation and steer clear of oil-based ones (look for Aqua in the first few ingredients to ensure that it is water-based). Skin that is prone to dry, flaky patches? Look for hydrating, brightening formulas–many will even have added antioxidants and nutrients that boost your moisture levels. And if you have acne-prone skin, too. Choose lightweight, mineral-based formulations that are gentle on your skin.

  • Identify Your Undertone

Identifying if you have cool, neutral, or warm-toned skin is the key to getting a great color match. For example, skin with blue veins and pinkish-rosy is cold-toned. In contrast, those with a yellow/golden hue and greenish-green veins are warmer, while those who think they fall somewhere between them will be neutral-toned.

  • Choose Your Perfect Coverage

Some people prefer lightweight, almost non-existent coverage, which enhances only slightly, allowing the natural skin to shine through. However, suppose you suffer from redness, breakouts, scarring, or pigmentation. In that case, you will likely opt for a full-coverage foundation, which may help hide imperfections and give your complexion a thoroughly even look. Alternatively, go with medium coverage, which you can either opt for to be thinned down for a natural finish or built up to provide more strong coverage.

  • Customising Your Shade

Do not rule out mixing things up literally. Especially since (if you are tanning) a single hue won’t work for you throughout the year. Whether you blend two shades of foundation, dilute the pigments with moisturizer, boost them with concealer, or use primer for glow, keep in mind you can adjust the shades to match your skin tone beautifully.

  • If In Doubt, Choose The Lighter Shade

Always opt for a lighter shade, foundations will oxidise over your skin, meaning they will always finish slightly darker than they appeared at first. If necessary, you can always deepen the finish by using a brush with bronzer – this is much easier to do than lightening a too-dark shade because it often means losing its pigmentation and coverage.

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  • Ask Google For Some Help

Thanks to the beauty community, videos and pictures from the Internet can show you how a foundation would look on your skin. Even if you cannot find anyone with your exact shade, being able to reference and compare yourself with others on TikTok, Instagram, or Google Images will be hugely helpful.

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