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How to Fix Bad Hair Highlights?

How to Fix Bad Hair Highlights?

Can I Fix Bad Hightlights?

Highlighting hair at home has become a tradition. It is convenient and time-saving; however, you might end up having bad highlights more often than not. Fret not, as there are solutions for everything and fixing bad highlights is not an exception. Unfortunately, there are few tips you can follow while colouring your hair that might help you get an excellent finish. Here are some tips to fix bad highlighting:

Brassy Hair

One of the most common problems faced by people who highlight their hair is the hair becoming brassy. This can be due to excessive use of styling tools or frequent hair wash etc. However, you can use colour-treated shampoo and conditioner, as it will help in conditioning your hair and keep it shiny. 

Sloppy Highlights

Most of us are new to highlighting our hair on our own, which can make our highlights sloppy. You can solve this problem by taking it slow and ensuring you have even highlights. You can even consider getting a professional’s help with this. This will help your hair to be evenly saturated and make every strand of your hair looks gorgeous.

Subtle Highlights

Another common problem of highlighting is your highlights becoming subtle. Sometimes you might want your hair colour to be noticeable, but unbalanced applying of the colour or not following the time frame can make your highlights unnoticeable. So the next time you highlight your hair, make sure to leave the colour for the recommended time frame.  

Bold Highlights

When you highlight your hair, there should be a balance between colours. It should not be too subtle or too bold. Excess bold colour stripy highlights can make it look obvious that you have coloured your hair by yourself. So ensure that you uniformly highlight your hair. This will evenly distribute the colour and make your hair look stunning.

Blond Looks Yellow

The worst nightmare your hair could have while highlighting is when the blond highlight looks yellow. Using the wrong products could be the reason for this mix-up. You can solve this by applying the tone-correcting shampoo and conditioner. It will help you to make your hair look even-toned. 

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Ashy Hair Color

Another problem that can damage your hair is your highlights becoming ashy in colour. It could be due because the toner went wrong. You can use regular shampoos and conditioners to remove the highlights and neutralise the highlights.

Roots Are Different to The Ends

The most common problem you can have while highlighting is your roots looking different from the ends. This can make your hair look different from usual. But if you use colour blending concealer, you can quickly fix it. It will make your hair look prime from root to end.

These tips have you back when tackling bad highlights. So, are you ready to fix your highlights?

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