How to Have Beautiful & Sexy Feet?

Many women tend to take less care of their feet than their hands…

Your feet are very important for your day to day life because they support your body and help you walk. However, many women don’t usually take care of them as much as they should. They just don’t see the importance of having healthy feet.

It is vital to pay more attention to foot care and not only thinking about aesthetics but also about health.

As the feet are furthest from your sight, it might be the reason why you often neglect them.

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Your feet are the first point of connection with the earth, you must greatly appreciate them. Without them, you couldn’t go anywhere. Beyond looking pretty and cared for, you need to have healthy feet as well. In this way, you will avoid more serious pain or problems, they will be beautiful for any occasion and you will not feel ashamed of showing them.

Your feet is the most used part of your body and not your hands!

Like the skin of other body areas, the feet also need specific care for each type. Learn five basic tips so that your feet do not suffer more from day to day and you can make them soft and beautiful.

  • Keep your feet dry: It is important to keep your feet dry to avoid the appearance of fungus.
  • Cut your nails correctly: Cut your nails in a straight line and never too short, it can cause ingrown nails.
  • Choose the right footwear: Wear comfortable, spacious shoes made of materials that allow your feet to breathe.
  • Bathe and massage: Make sure your feet are kept clean daily, in addition to cleaning, they will help you relax, improve circulation, and reduce fatigue.
  • Use templates: They exist for multiple needs (sports, work, daily use, heels, flat shoes, etc.) and help avoid injury or discomfort.
  • Take off your shoes: When you get a chance to put your feet on the ground, do so. It can be at home, in the park, on the beach, at the yoga centre or even at work, under your desk.
  • Tight socks: If possible, avoid tight socks and make sure you don’t sleep in socks that are too tight for your blood circulation.
  • Hight heels: Even if you are a big fan of high heels, try not to wear them as much, because your feet won’t be very happy.

Now that you know the importance of taking good care of your feet, as well as keeping them in good conditions on a daily basis, make sure you also add certain products to your daily care routine that help you keep your feet clean and well cared for

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