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How to Keep Lipstick from Settling into Fine Lines

How to Keep Lipstick from Settling into Fine Lines

Makeup Artist Tricks.

Applying a lipstick ideally can be tricky, but it will compliment your entire look and enhance it when done correctly. On the other hand, if you mess it up, it will not be a good look for you. The primary issue that most women face with the application of lipstick is that it tends to settle in fine lines and feathers around the lips. This is usually referred to as bleeding. According to many makeup artists, the main reason lipstick settles in fine lines is the dry lips. They pull the lipstick moisture and pigments when you talk, eat, or drink. This causes the lipstick formula to move and spread around your mouth. Nobody wants to see their lovely formula go to waste like this. But the good news is there are many tricks that professional makeup artists use to prevent this from happening.

Before diving into different tricks employed by makeup artists, one thing they all recommend preventing lipstick from settling into fine lines is to dehydrate your lips and apply lip balms. Make sure you wipe off extra lip balm you start applying the lipstick. Apart from this fundamental thing, makeup artists use tons of tricks to prevent this from happening. Some of them are:

Use Concealer

Many professional makeup artists recommend using a small amount of long-lasting concealer as a base. It works incredibly to address this issue as it contains moisturizing oils that will nourish your lips before you apply the lipstick. If you don’t have a concealer, you can also use a dedicated primer too.

Use Eye Cream

To address the issue of fine lines, some makeup artists recommend using eye cream around the lips at night. Once you are done with it, make sure to apply lip balm to lock in the moisture. Then, when you wake up the next morning, you’ll find your lips in a much better condition, well-hydrated, and ready for the lipstick.


This one trick is used by many makeup artists. It will not only prevent fine lines but also make your lips more attractive and give them a well-defined structure. Makeup artists recommend lining your lips before and after you apply lipstick.

Use Lip Brush

Using a lip brush will help you more precise and controlled application of your lipstick. It will allow you to effectively address the areas where the occurrence of fine lines is common. This way you can apply additional layers to those areas much effectively. This will ultimately lead to a smoother and long-lasting finish.

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Use Translucent Powder

Another creative way to address the issue of fine lines is to apply translucent powder. You can use a fine brush to gently apply a small amount of translucent powder around the lips. This will help in absorbing any excess moisture or oil around the lips after you apply the lipstick. In addition, this will prevent the lipstick from bleeding.

Apart from these tricks, make sure you buy the right lipstick for you. The application of lipstick plays an important role and also determines whether it will last long or not. Make sure you apply lipstick with an even coat and even layers.

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