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How to Layer Moisturizers for the Best Hydration

How to Layer Moisturizers for the Best Hydration

Layering Moisturizers in the Correct Order.

Layering skincare products is a hectic task in itself. When you have to layer a number of products and in a particular way, it sometimes gets confusing. The problem becomes worse when you have to apply a particular product of different kinds for example moisturizer. For those who are wondering why we have to apply moisturizers of different kinds, it’s because moisturizer solves a lot of skin-related issues and it is beneficial in long run. Most people who follow a strict skincare routine, have more than one moisturizer in their arsenal. Mostly, people use a light moisturizing lotion with SPF for daytime use and a more thick and intense moisturizer with add-on products like Retinol at nighttime. While in theory, it should be sufficient to keep your skin hydrated and healthy but it’s not always the case. People with dry or sensitive skin still face several issues.

Layering your moisturizer is an effective way to address such problems. The layering of moisturizers will boost the hydration of your skin and set a perfect stage for further application of makeup. While people with oily skin should avoid layering of moisturizers, people with mature, sensitive, and dry skin benefits greatly from this practice. The layering of moisturizers has additional benefits in keeping your skin soft for a long time and during cold weather. To get the maximum benefit out of this practice, one must learn how to correctly layer the moisturizers.

Step 1: Cleanse

Before applying anything on your skin, first prep it by cleansing it thoroughly. To do so, start with a cleanser then apply toner, and finish off with a serum. This will ensure that your skin will be ready to absorb the layers of moisturizers that you will apply.

Step 2: Apply Light Moisturizer

For your first moisturizer, apply the lightweight formula. It should always go first on your skin as it absorbs faster than the intense formula and works more effectively. It is perfect for dry skin. For this layer, moisturizers that contain vitamin E and Hyaluronic acid are highly recommended.

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Step 3: Apply More Intense or Thicker Moisturizer

The primary role of a thicker moisturizer, in this case, is to lock in the benefits of the lighter moisturizer. While opting for the thicker moisturizer, look for one that is specific to your skin. For example, during the daytime, you can opt for a moisturizer that contains SPF. During the night, you can opt for one that contains Retinol and anti-aging properties that will restore your skin during sleep. Be careful while mixing such ingredients as you do not want to mix moisturizer containing vitamin C with another containing Retinol as it will irritate your skin. Similar care must be taken while using the moisturizers with Retinol and Salicylic acid, as their combination will increase the sensitivity of the skin.

While this is the basic procedure to layer the moisturizers for maximum hydration, you can always experiment with moisturizers with different ingredients to see which works best for your skin.

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