How To Make Your At-Home Manicure Last Longer?

How To Make Your At-Home Manicure Last Longer?

Isn’t it annoying that your nails get chipped as soon as you’ve done them? We bet it must be. So here are some tips to make your at-home manicure last longer.

Getting a manicure is a very soothing and relaxing experience. However, it gets very irritating when your nail polish starts chipping off within some days or sometimes even hours. So, if you’ve ever faced such an issue and are thinking about ways to make your manicure last longer, don’t worry. We have some excellent news for you. With these tips, you can make your at-home manicure last longer than ever.

And no, there isn’t any guesswork here. We’ve asked nail specialists for their special secret, so don’t worry, and let’s get on it.

5 Tips To Maintain Your At-Home Manicure

1. Clean Your Nails First

It would help if you used your nail polish remover to clean your nails, even when you haven’t applied any nail polish. This wipes off the natural oils from your nails. These oils create problems while sticking the nails properly. Plus, skip the soaking step, as it expands your nails, leading to paint cracking.

2. Cut And File Nails Correctly

It is essential to cut off and then file your nails correctly. It ensures that the corners aren’t uneven or jagged. If you keep the nails short, it helps nail paint last longer. If you have longer nails, then there are chances that they might break in between your routine activities, particularly such as washing dishes or laundry.

3. Dry Your Nails Properly

After you cut and file them correctly, cleanse your hands and dry them before applying your nail polish. Because if you’ve thoroughly dried your nails, they won’t shrink after applying nail polish. You won’t be facing chipping anymore.

4. You Must Apply The Base Coat

If you want your manicure to last longer, this is the key, my friend. A top-notch base coat ensures the nails and secures them from stains. This leads to a sleek application of your nail polish. In addition, this leads to less chipping.

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5. Focus On The Application

If you do it many times, it will result in a rough finish and will take a lot of time to dry. The solution is to take good nail polish on the brush and then apply it in a single go. Try to finish it in three stripes. One stroke on both sides, and then in the middle. This will avoid the uneven and bumpy application of nail polish. Then wait until the first layer dries, and apply the following layer afterward.


These are the simple steps to make your at-home last longer. Also, while doing your daily activities, wear gloves while washing dishes. And avoid soaking nails in warm water. Lastly, work on maintaining them; this way, your hard work will be worthwhile.

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