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How to Make Your Lipstick Stay Longer

How to Make Your Lipstick Stay Longer

Making Your Lipstick Last.

It is a well-known fact women love to put lipstick on their luscious lips! But, did you ever think why do they choose to do so in the first place? The answer is obvious – apart from making these women appear attractive, it also brings several other benefits. It includes:

  • An enhanced sense of self-esteem.
  • Helping in portraying their attitude.
  • Exhibit their true personality.
  • It gives them a feeling of being in total control.
  • Works as an excellent option when it comes to a mood enhancer.
  • Makes them feel totally empowered.

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They look for ways to make the same stay longer

In case you wish your lipstick to last longer, there is nothing extraordinary about it. However, most women do think about ways and means to make their lipstick last longer. Fortunately, there are several ways of accomplishing this objective. This will include things like:

  • Make the best use of your concealer. Double it up as your chosen lip primer! You can go about outlining your lips with help of the said concealer.
  • Make a practice of moisturizing and exfoliating. If your lips are dry, they are going to offer minimal support to colors.
  • When you apply the lipstick, make sure to use a brush.
  • In case, you desire to do away with smudging, make use of a nude lip liner.
  • Get proper expertise in matters of puffing and using tissues.

You can make them last longer despite wearing a mask

Ladies are facing an exceptionally incredibly situation. They are required to wear a mask for a prolonged period for health safety concerns. To add to their dilemma and woes is the lipstick on their lips.

If you are looking for the answer to making lipstick stay on when wearing a mask, there is an excellent solution for you. No, you do not have to procure any expensive item to take you out of the troubled waters!

At best, you will need simple items like:

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  • A tissue paper.
  • Little amount of translucent or baby power.

Once you have made arrangements for them, you will need to adhere to specific steps to derive expected outcomes. This will consist of :

  • Using the simple tissue paper for removing all excess amount of lipstick sticking on your lips after you have reapplied it, for instance.
  • Placing the said tissue paper all over your lips. Removing the same after having kept it there for few seconds.
  • Now is the perfect time for dabbing little amount of baby or translucent powder. It is highly effective in taking away any presence of moisture on your lips. In a sense, it will give you a smudge-proof feel to your lips.

Yes, you can comfortably keep eating with your lipstick intact

There is some excellent respite for womenfolk interested in knowing how to make lipstick stay on while eating! All you will require is baby or translucent powder. Please adhere to these two steps to get rewarded. It includes:

  • Arrange for a tissue paper and some amount of baby or translucent powder.
  • Make sure to place the tissue paper in question on your lips. Follow this by dusting the said powder on the top.

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