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How To Make Your Nail Polish Last Longer? 

How To Make Your Nail Polish Last Longer? 

How To Make Your Nail Polish Last Longer

The attractive-looking nail polish add stars to your beauty, every girl around there loves long, colored, and beautiful nails. If you are one of those girls then this article is for you. In this article, you will find cute and simple tricks to keep your nails beautiful and colored for a long time. Follow these life-changing simple hacks to last your polish for a longer time.

9 Tips To Make Your Nail Polish Last Longer

1. Use cool air to dry your nails: 

Avoid using hot air to dry your nails, though many manicurists find it is the easy way. But, using cool air to dry polish helps to expand the life of your nail polish.

2. Don’t soak your nails in water: 

Water can destroy your nail polish. Try to avoid soaking your nails in water for a longer time. If you are washing your hands then use a mild soap. Also, avoid using hand sanitizer as it can dry your nail polish. In case, you are doing household chores then, use rubber gloves this will help in keeping nails away from water.

3. Use a solid base: 

Every base is not tacky, use the best base before applying nail polish. Also, don’t skip the base coat as it is an essential part of the longevity of polish. In case, you are applying glittery polish then avoid using the ordinary base.

4. Don’t apply on cuticles: 

Avoid painting your cuticles as the paint will come off easily from it and the entire nail paint may chip off. Also, many manicurists find it a bad practice to apply polish on cuticles.

5. Avoid putting thick layers of polish: 

We understand that you want to keep your nails new for weeks, but then applying a thick coating is not a solution. Apply thin layers as it is easy to dry them. After drying them, you can apply one or two layers of coating to make them a thick layer.

6. Apply the best topcoat: 

Like choosing the right base coat, you must choose the best topcoat for your nails. The most essential coating is the topmost layer as it is the visible one. To go with your personality and choice, choose the best polish for you.

7. Roll the nail paint bottle:

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Before applying nail paint, you should roll the nail paint bottle instead of shaking it. The main reason is, sometimes bubbles are formed while shaking the bottle so to avoid that rolling bottle is a better option.

8. Apply topcoat after every 2-3 days: 

To keep up with your colorful nails for a longer time, you should apply one or two coats of nail paints after 2 days. This trick will help you keep the nail pretty for a long time.

9. Use a nail oil: 

Using nail oil will help your nails to stick for a long time and prevent splitting. As nail oil will provide moisture to nails all time, the dryness will vanish away.

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