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How to Match Your Makeup Foundation?

How to Match Your Makeup Foundation?

How to Choose Foundation Shade?

Foundation is one magical product that can make your facial skin look flawless. But the same foundation can look like a mask if you choose the wrong shade. Most makeup experts would agree that the perfect foundation does not reveal itself. Instead, it settles quietly into your skin and attracts compliments.

But how do you select the right shade? Cosmetic companies compete to launch more and more shades. The idea is to give a choice to the end-user. But they end up making your job more difficult.

Here you have some tips to find the right shade of foundation.

Skin Tones & Undertones

Skin tones are divided into three broad groups- light, medium, and deep. Most women have an idea about their skin tone. However, it is the undertones that are the game-changer. Undertones can be defined as the shades that reflect through your skin. They affect the overall hue of the skin. Makeup foundations are available in cool, warm, or neutral undertones.

There are various techniques for determining the undertones. For example, if you are cool-toned, the veins in your arms appear blue or purple. Those with warm-toned skin will have green veins. If you cannot decide either way, then you have cool-toned skin.

Another trick is to hold the white paper to your skin or wear a white T-shirt and stand in natural light. If you have cool undertones, your face will appear pink or blue. If your face appears yellowish, then you have warm undertones. If your skin looks grey, then you have neutral undertones.

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Those with warm undertones should purchase foundations with warm tones. Foundation shades with a hint of pink tones are suitable for people with cool undertones. Women with neutral undertones can buy shades with traces of gold.

Purchasing the Right Colour

Clean your skin properly before setting out to purchase the foundation. Shortlist at least three shades that seem to match your skin tone. Dab a small streak of foundation throughout your jawline right up to your neck. If the possible test on other spots like the neck, cheek, and forehead. Wait for some time. Let the makeup dry. It may show a different shade when it dries. Check the shade in natural light. Take a selfie with a flash before making the final purchase. Some shades look lighter in photographs.

Mix and Match

Remember that our skin tones will change with the seasons. For example, the summer tan may cause your skin to darken. Therefore, you may have to mix foundation shades at such times.

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