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How to Properly Use a Makeup Blender?

How to Properly Use a Makeup Blender?

The Beauty or Makeup Blender helps create perfect, natural and radiant makeup.

The Beauty Blender are simply sponges that we have always seen, however, there is a new type that revolutionized the makeup in 2003 when the famous makeup sponge from the Beautyblender brand appeared on the market in its original egg shape. This type of sponge became so popular and essential, that the term “beauty blender” is used as a general name for makeup sponges of all types.

Makeup artists and professionals believe that a makeup sponge of this type is a Must-Have in every Makeup bag.

How can you use this type of Makeup blender?

Using this type of makeup sponge is easy, once you learn how to properly use it and all the things you can use it for, it will become essential in your Makeup bag.

Let’s see how you can use it:

  • The first thing to keep in mind and that you need to do is to dip the sponge in running water, then squeeze it very well to avoid it from dripping. The volume of your sponge will be increased and it will become soft. This step is very important since it will also avoid the sponge from absorbing your Makeup.
  • To apply your Makeup you will need to take a bit of Makeup on the back of your hand and dip the sponge into it.
  • The technique is very important as you need to know that you should not spread the makeup with the sponge, instead tap it on your skin by making small and light touches by pressing gently.
  • For bigger surfaces like your forehead and cheeks, use the rounded area of the sponge, and for the less accessible areas such as under the eyelids use the pointed end.

The best thing about this type of sponge is that you can reach any area of your face.

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Makeup Sponges from BeautyBlender

How can you clean your Makeup blender?

To avoid your sponge from becoming a nest of bacteria, you need to remember washing it after every single use.

  • Rinse your beauty blender under running water.
  • Once this is washed, apply a Makeup cleaner or any brush cleaning product to it, then rub it in gently using your fingertips until the cleanser penetrates the sponge and removes all traces of makeup. ( you can also wash it with a face wash soap ).
  • To finish, rinse with plenty of water and repeat the procedure until the sponge is perfectly clean and, when squeezed, the water comes out crystal clear.
  • Let it dry in and make sure you don’t store it in any bag without it being perfectly dry.

It is recommended to replace your sponge approximately every three months.

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