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How to Remove Your Makeup without Using Makeup Wipes?

How to Remove Your Makeup without Using Makeup Wipes?

How to Remove Your Makeup?

There isn’t anything more annoying than coming home after a great day or night out in your killer makeup look and then having to reach for those wipes to remove this beautiful makeup off. And what’s worse is reaching out for those wipes and seeing you are just out of stock. 

  1. Micellar water:

A very popular go-to for removing makeup and having double cleansing is micellar water that is regaining on the top of removing makeup options. It even takes your stubborn makeup off, and those waterproof formulas don’t get to stay in front of it. It may also be used as a non-sinking makeup removal option, so you can use it right before bed if you work on fumes. 

Get a cotton pad, saturate it with this makeup remover option, and wipe it on your skin to eliminate all traces of makeup, including waterproof mascara. You can think of it as a DIY makeup remover option. 

  1. Oil cleansing:

Oil cleansing has become increasingly popular in the past few years, as many people now realize that putting some oil on the skin isn’t the same as having oily skin. Lucky for us all, this cleansing method may be sued for removing makeup. The concept of having oil cleansing is super simple. 

As such, you may use an oil cleanser to attract and lift away oil and all other impurities to get rid of your makeup and use the oil to cleanse, and in this process, all of your makeup will be removed.

  1. Gel cleanser:

If you want to know how to remove your makeup without using makeup wipes, here is one great option. Gel cleansers may also be used as a makeup remover; just don’t put it directly to your eyes. You may always use another one of those methods to deal with eye makeup. 

Gel cleansers that are oil-free and non-comedogenic formulas suit sensitive skin. The cleanser works to remove the makeup, buff away all of the impurities, and then leave your skin radiant and refreshed. 

Just wet your skin with lukewarm water before you work the gel into a foamy lather. Then massage the formula gently into your face using soft circular motions and let the cleanser make removing makeup very easy and quick. 

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  1. Cream cleanser:

Just as the gel cleanser, a cream cleanser may also be used to get that makeup off from your skin without using any wipes. If you have dry skin and don’t like the tight feeling that may happen once you cleanse and remove the makeup, this one is an ideal way to clear your skin and not harm its hydration. 

  1. Soap and water:

This sounds scary but based on your makeup product, and you might be able to turn back to your good old soap and water to get rid of the makeup at the end of your day. This can be your natural makeup remover, and you will easily b removing any excess makeup on your skin. 

This is how to remove your makeup using makeup removing cleanser or all other options that do the job and don’t even harm your skin. Any eye makeup or facial makeup remover can work with this method and let you enjoy your best life even if you don’t have makeup remover wipes.

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