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How to Take Care of Your Split Ends?

How to Take Care of Your Split Ends?

The ends of your hair are the most delicate part and the one that suffers the most from external agents and hair treatments. If you have long hair, you have surely encountered the common problem of split ends. Wearing a beautiful mane is the dream of many of us but split ends always appear when we least expect it, making your hair does not have a pretty appearance, and it seems damaged and little cared for.

Tips to follow for healthier hair:

  1. Use a heat protector before using an iron or dryer: It is advisable not to abuse the dryers or irons. It is highly recommended to apply a heat protector to the tips before submitting them to any moulding and/or styling, and of course, use high-end irons that don’t highly damage the hair.
  2. Cut your ends regularly, every 6 or 8 weeks: To clean up your ends, it is best to cut them regularly, at least 1 or 2.5 cm depending on the fibre damaged. Hair will look better and grow much stronger.
<span class=has inline color has thb accent color>If you cut only half an inch every two months you will not notice the cut and instead your hair will continue to grow strong and healthy<span>
  1. Conditioners and hair masks: Every time you wash your hair, apply conditioner emphasizing the most damaged ends, it is advisable to use a hydrating or preparing hair mask once a week. Do not abuse these products and choose a special range of treatment for split ends.
  2. Use a good comb: Choosing a good comb is essential to prevent split ends. You can choose wooden combs and natural bristle brushes. These types of combs do not damage our hair or produce electricity static, unlike those made of plastic or other synthetic materials.
  3. Use essential oils: Forget chemical serums, which are expensive and only provide a little hydration while you are wearing them, replace your hair serums with nourishing essential oil. You will only need a couple of drops to keep the ends healthy. Coconut oil, jojoba oil or argan oil are good options!
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