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How to Tell if Your Skincare Products are Expired

How to Tell if Your Skincare Products are Expired

How to locate expiry dates on skincare products?

Using skincare products that have reached their expiry dates is a recipe for disaster. Forget about any benefits; they have the potential to ruin even good skin. It is one thing you cannot afford to be careless about. But how do we know when our skincare and cosmetic products are no longer fit for use? Let’s discuss various ways of finding out. 

Except for OTC medical treatments like sunscreen and acne medicines, the Food and drug administration does not compel cosmetic businesses to add expiry dates in product labelling. Most cosmetic firms, fortunately, provide an expiry date.

Check for a shelf life marking on the base of the container. When you can’t locate one, search for a sign that includes an opened jar and the word “M”. It mentions how long the item would last once it’s opened. For instance, 12m indicates that the thing is valid for 12 months from when it is first opened.

If you cannot find an expiry date on the item, there are ways to detect whether it’s past the expiry date. First, a serial number is needed to be put on all items. To check out if the item will expire, call the company and provide the serial number. You may also use to look for some serial numbers.

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What are the signs that a product has expired?

If you’re unsure whether your items’ expiration date is approaching, you can do a simple thing. The first step you should take while looking over your cosmetics collection is to sniff each one and inspect the colour and texture. If some of your items don’t appear to be the same as when you initially bought them, it’s time to get rid of them.


When reacted with oxygen, some substances, such as vitamin C, begin to oxidise. We can usually tell when something has oxidised since it has turned a yellow or brown hue. The effectiveness of the medication isn’t always impacted by this huge shift. However, oxidation might occasionally indicate that the item’s components have lost their potency. When you observe a colour change in a product that is still inside its expiry date, get in touch with the manufacturer to see if you can still use it.

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