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How to Wear Gold Eyeliner?

How to Wear Gold Eyeliner?

Taking Your Eyeliner to The Next Level.

Some unapologetic dazzle at a party never goes out of fashion. And what better way to dazzle than some ‘glittery gold’ eyeliner? You could never go wrong with that! So check out these amazing ways to wear gold eyeliner so you can ooze the most dazzle at your next party.

The Simple Winged Look

Fresh and evergreen, the simple winged eyeliner never goes out of fashion. Take this look up a notch with gold eyeliner instead of the regular black. Using a brush or gel liner, draw a smooth stroke from the inner corner of your eyelid to the outer edge. Start with a thin line and keep flattening it as you approach the end. Lastly, flick the brush upwards on the outer edge of your eyelid, drawing a neat ‘wing’. Add a dash of transparent and waterproof mascara, and you’re good to go!

The Double Wing

Nothing says ‘Oomph’ like dramatic eye-makeup. Do it justice with the double-winged gold eyeliner look. Apply winged eyeliner with the method mentioned above, and top it off with an extra flick to create one wing on top of the other. That’s a lot of drama! Keep your remaining makeup minimal to draw maximum attention to your golden eyes!

The Double-Lined Look

Another touch of drama, but this time make it on both the top and bottom lids. Along with a single-winged stroke, swipe the brush across your bottom lid, creating a golden outline for the entire eye. Smudge the bottom line, and you’re ready to rock!

The Subtle Touch of Gold

If you’d rather be more subtle with your eyes than keep up the drama, here’s what you can do. First, touch the tip of your lash lines and the inner corners of your eyes with the gold liner. Then, apply some mascara, and that’s it! Simple, subtle and elegant!

Black-and-Golden Strokes

If you want to make the gold pop out in your eyes, team it with black. Apply black liner on the waterlines of your eyes and smudge for a kohl-like look. Then, add gold eyeliner around the top and bottom rims. You’ll have the most unforgettable eyes at the party!

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The Gold-Smoked Look

Add some golden dazzle to your classic smoky eyes! First, apply black liner on the rims and smudge some kohl around the eyes. Then, add a line of gold and smudge it too. Make your eyes glittery glam!

The Double-Metallic Look

Experiment by teaming gold with another metallic shade on either rim. Apply gold liner generously to the upper lid and use the same eyeshadow. On the bottom rim, apply a thin stroke of the second metallic shade (such as blue), and you’ll double dazzle for sure!

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