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How to Wear Red Lipstick on Your Wedding Day

How to Wear Red Lipstick on Your Wedding Day

Bold Lips for Brides.

When we talk about bridal makeup, most people envision a blushing bride having pink cheeks, lush lashes, and a soft subtle lip. But who told you that you have to live up to everyone’s vision? It’s your big day and if you want, you to wear red lips on your wedding day. Do you want to do something daring on your wedding day? Wearing red lipstick with a wedding dress will do the trick. It showcases charisma, confidence, and sensuality. 

Tips for choosing the perfect red lip for your big day 

Choose the perfect shade

Every skin tone has a different shade of red complimenting their skin. There are pink-based and orange-based reds. Also, there is burgundy red or deep mesmerizing wine red. Make sure that the red lips on the wedding day complement both your skin tone and your dress as well. Choosing the perfect red lipstick shade for your big day will compliment your entire look. 

Prep the lips 

Lips have extremely sensitive skin; it is necessary to exfoliate and moisturize the skin. Chapped lips are going to spoil the entire look that you are trying to achieve. Use a good lip scrub and apply a thick layer of lip mask or balm. After keeping the lip balm for 10 minutes, wipe it off, and your lips are soft and ready for lipstick application. 

Keep the attire simple

Want to pull off red lips? With red lips on your wedding day keep the rest of the outfit and makeup as simple and pristine as possible. The natural and subtle makeup look is going to compliment your red lips, making the color pop. If you go extreme with the blush or eyeshadow or highlight, there might be too much going on. Hence, the natural makeup look will complement the red lips. 

Wear a matte red lipstick 

Most brides tend to avoid red lipstick on their big day in order to avoid any kind of transfer. The best way of ensuring that the lipstick stays in place is wearing a matte one. Matte lipsticks also add an edgy look to the bride’s entire look. 

Ensure that it stays put 

The worst thing which one would have to deal with on their wedding day is the lipstick bleeding. The bride is going to be numerous pictures that are going to be seen for years; hence it is highly necessary that the lipstick stays in place. For avoiding bleeding and fading, ensure that the lips are lined with lip liner. 

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Be ready for touch-ups

Wedding receptions are filled with eating cakes, snacks, and drinking wine. Touch-ups are going to ensure that even if the lipstick fades away, you can still make it up. Touch-ups are going to be necessary; make sure your bridesmaids are ready with all the makeup items needed. 

Summing up 

Make sure that on your big day, you get to fulfill all your dreams and not hold yourself back for what society wants you to do. If wearing red lipstick with your wedding dress is what you want, then for it. Own your look with confidence. 

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