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Human Hair Extensions vs Synthetic Hair Extensions

Human Hair Extensions vs Synthetic Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions Guide.

Have you ever wondered how beautiful it would look if your short hair would have been extended? Well, hair extensions are mainly done by people who have short or clumsy-looking hair. There are currently two types of hair extensions available.

  1. Human hair extensions
  2. Synthetic hair extensions

Although both of these work is the same, there are some distinct features between the two of them.

Today, in this blog, we will be discussing some differences between Human hair extensions and Synthetic hair extensions so that you get a clear vision for both.

No need to wait; just keep on reading further!

First of all, let’s talk about human hair extensions!

Human hair has a huge demand as compared to synthetic hair. This is because they possess a natural look and are more durable, so people always search for human hair extensions. 

Along with that, there are several more reasons why human hair extensions are preferred more than synthetic hair extensions. Let’s read on to find about it:

• Gives Natural Look

It is evident that human hair extensions are made of natural human hair, so there is no chance of getting caught in public or feeling embarrassed at a party. 

• Lasts Longer

Compared to synthetic hair extensions, the lasting tendency of human hair extensions is up to 1 year. But that comes with a few conditions. The first is maintenance. Yes, without maintenance, you cannot get them last for longer. Second – quality. This must be your one-time investment so that you do not have to rush to the salon to get it repaired frequently.

• Can Be Treated the Same Way as Natural Hair

You can even colour them or heat them as you want. You do not have to treat them differently than natural hair.

Now, let’s discuss Synthetic Hair extensions in detail

Well, it’s pretty evident that synthetic hair is made of artificial hair and not natural hair. So, these are prepared using chemicals, plastic, and more to make them look more like natural hair. 

However, there are several reasons why people prefer synthetic hair extensions:

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• They Are Not Expensive

Well, the main reason why people prefer synthetic hair extensions is that they are entirely budget-friendly. 

• Easy Maintenance

As long as you have bought good-quality hair extensions, there are no chances of them falling due to rain or humidity.

• They Are Mostly Human-Like

Synthetic hair extensions are designed in such a way that they look similar to human hair. So, these qualities make people buy synthetic hair extensions.

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