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Is Caffeine the Best Cellulite Remover?

Is Caffeine the Best Cellulite Remover?

The main cause of cellulite is the buildup of fat underneath the skin. Some women are more predisposed to it than others. 

Well, let’s first explain a bit what cellulite is and what causes it. Cellulite is a very common skin condition that causes lumpy, dimpled flesh on the thighs, hips, buttocks and arms. Cellulites are more commonly in women, with a rate up to 90 percent of women will probably experience cellulite in their lives. Cellulite is also called orange-peel skin, due to its texture.

Here is what cellulite is according to Cleveland Clinic, a nonprofit multi-specialty academic medical centre that integrates clinical and hospital care with research and education.

Age, body fat percentage and some types of food intake could be the main reasons of the amount of cellulite you have on your skin. Women with all types of body and weights can get orange-peel skin.

Cellulite has always been a good business for cosmetic brands and aesthetic doctors to make business with. Knowing how emotionally women are affected by this skin condition, even those with good and healthy habits, suffer too.

If you go to a pharmacy or a drug store you will probably find plenty of brands in different price range, that sell creams and treatments to reduce cellulite. Some brands even promise permanent removal! 

The professional treatments can be very expensive, some of them you need to do various sessions, and others are extremely expensive. The worst thing here, is that nothing is permanent, depending of what you choose, you will still need to take good care of your diet, water intake, exercise and specially taking care of your skin.

Now let’s talk about Caffeine and its benefits in beauty.

 If you take any of the anti-cellulite creams and read the ingredients you will probably find caffeine among them and probably as the main ingredient. Doesn’t this tell you anything? 

Caffeine has been proven its power in the beauty industry throughout the years.

Caffeine is a strong antioxidant known for its anti-aging benefits, as well as reducing redness and wrinkles. Now, for cellulite, caffeine has proven that using it as a scrub help treat orange-peel skin in a variety of ways.

The Caffeine in coffee helps dilate blood vessels and eventually reduce the appearance of skin dimples, also making the skin become tighter from the stimulating effects of Caffeine by improving the blood flow and eventually eliminating the excess water.

According to Robert H. Shmerling Senior Faculty Editor in Harvard Health Publishing, Coffee may help your skin stay healthy 

Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel, selected as one of the top 5 facial plastic surgeons on the East Coast (USA) also described How creams with caffeine can help your skin

The way to use caffeine is very easy and simple, you just need to find a strong ground coffee, with caffeine of course as caffeine is the main character. Mix it with some oil, ant that could be almond oil, olive oil or coconut oil. You use it for scrubbing your skin 3 to 4 times a week while you shower.

For better results, you can add some brown sugar to get rid of the dead skin. 

Using a good oil it’s also an important ingredient, since it will moisturise your skin and gives it brightness.

Make sure you drink plenty of water, exercise, consume less sugar, sleep well and you take good care of your skin, all these rituals together with the Caffeine scrub will help you get a smooth and a firm skin. 

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