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Is Gold Collagen the Most Efficient Beauty & Health Supplement?

Is Gold Collagen the Most Efficient Beauty & Health Supplement?

It is proven by science how Collagen is essential for the body, tissues, skin, muscles, etc… Collagen has many important functions, including providing your skin with structure, being responsible for having a younger-looking skin, and protecting your skin from being full of fine lines and wrinkles.

Both cheap and luxurious cosmetic brands have products that contain Collagen or “pretend containing it” to make their products be or sound more potent to you, so you buy them hoping to see some results. However, only a few of these brands can deliver real results. Still, the price and the time invested are high.

What about helping your body to produce more Collagen?

Yes, you can help your body produce more Collagen, or even better, consume Collagen supplements to provide your body with the exact amount of milligrams that your body needs, so you can slow down the ageing process and reduce wrinkles. Few people know that Collagen supplements have been in the market for many years, but, are all these supplements beneficial and do they really work?

You will find many brands out there that sell supplements that contain Collagen. Yet, it seems to be there is one brand with over ten years of researches and clinical trials, with a big team of scientists working hard to deliver the best and long-lasting results that could scientifically prove the effectiveness of their promises, and also the pureness and efficacy of their Collagen supplements in many clinical trials.

Watch DR. Martin Godfrey MD from Gold Collagen explaining why is Collagen important to the body.
Here is one of Gold Gollagen studies.

What is Gold Collagen, and who is behind this brand?

Gold Collagen is a brand offering different types of Collagen supplements. From no-sugary drinks to tablets, topical care products and even vegan Collagen supplements, promising great results to consumers. The laboratory behind this promising brand is MINERVA Research Labs. MINERVA was created in July 2009 by Tony Sanguinetti, the founder, the CEO and the managing director for both Gold-Collagen and Minerva Research Labs.

Tony Sanguinetti got inspired by the Japanese women and their skincare rituals, keeping their skin looking youthful even in their advanced ages. Then Tony decided to share that secret with the rest of the world by creating something that seems to challenge the beauty and the health industry. Tony Sanguinetti also wanted to create something that delivers real and long-lasting results, which is also easy to take.

Watch Sara Siegel-Magness’ Gold-Collagen Testimonial.

MINERVA launched Pure Gold-Collagen drink in the UK in 2011. Since then, at MINERVA Research Labs, they haven’t stopped developing their formulas and creating products that never compromise performance. It looks like a few brands copied the concept of the “Collagen drinks” from Gold Collagen; however, Gold Collagen’s reputation, clinical trials and the consumers’ reviews are reliable in the market.

Gold Collagen’s clients look to be impressed with the effect and transformation of their skins, as they could see the efficacy and outstanding results that Gold Collagen could deliver in such a short time!

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What are the secrets behind Gold-Collagen?

Minerva Research Labs has been creating, developing and testing innovative products containing bioactive peptides, vitamins, minerals, and plant extracts in a highly effective form for more than a decade. All designed to support general well-being, help develop a healthy lifestyle and an easy skincare routine for those who want to challenge the ageing process of their skins.

At Minerva Research Labs, they seem to be proud and convinced about the results that they deliver. They even share information, research studies, and articles of their own scientists and doctors to read and learn about Collagen and them. However, one of their secrets behind their success could be knowing and simplifying what most of the cosmetic brands made us think was impossible to reach; (keeping our skin youthful and healthy, without spending fortunes or without buying hundreds of types of skincare products).

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