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Is Night Cream an Essential Skincare?

Is Night Cream an Essential Skincare?

The Reasons Why Night Cream is a Skincare Essential.

Both medical research and traditional wisdom agree on the miraculous benefits of sleep for your skin, body, and hair. By now, the international skincare community is in conflict over various issues, but the benefits of sleep and night creams aren’t one of those. 

Sleep is naturally the most powerful healing and regenerative agent. Wonder how to take the benefits of sleep for skin a notch higher? The answer is night creams. Any ordinary moisturizer does not cut your bedtime skincare requirements. A quality night cream is non-negotiable in any skincare regime. 

What Happens to The Skin at Night

Your skin behaves differently at night than it does daytime. Its tempo shifts. Daytime, the skin defends itself against UV radiation, pollutants, changing weather, and microbial development. The skin is busy while you rest, trying to heal and regenerate the damage it has sustained throughout the day.

Night Creams and Skin Hydration

Your skin gradually loses hydration throughout the day, and good night cream will work to replenish it. If you do not add moisture from an external source, your skin will dry up very quickly. Conversely, your skin might start producing too much oil and moisture. Neither is an excellent place to be. That’s precisely why using a face moisturizer at night is crucial. It aids the skin to maintain its natural moisture and lock in the hydration on the topmost layer of skin.

Acne-Prone, Oily Skin

Oily skin that is prone to breakouts stands at a higher risk of clogged pores, making you feel oily every morning. Pick an excellent mild gel-based cream that will help replenish the skin’s hydration to avoid further blocking of pores. It can have an adverse effect if you remove too much oil from your skin, mainly when your skincare regime involves mattifying or anti-acne treatments. Compounds like glycolic or lactic acid softly cleanse and unblock pores, making them suitable for use in a night cream for oily skin.

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Collagen Production and Night Creams

Collagen synthesis starts to diminish in most persons around their mid to late twenties. Collagen is a protein compound that is essential for the health of your skin since it helps to preserve its texture and suppleness.

Once you improve your facial blood flow, you also enhance collagen synthesis. Night creams that are mainly designed to assist boost collagen synthesis are available. They promote collagen production by improving blood circulation in your facial tissues. 

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