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Is Salicylic Acid Really Good for Your Skin?

Is Salicylic Acid Really Good for Your Skin?

Here’s Exactly What Salicylic Acid Does to Your Skin.

Salicylic acid is better known for its ability in offering twin benefits. These are:

  • The excess oil present in the pores gets deep cleaned easily.
  • It plays a vital role in reducing oil production.

As it goes about keeping the pores unclogged and clean, it prevents the development of two undesired elements namely:

  • Blackheads.
  • Whiteheads. 

The benefits offered by Salicylic Acid deserve a special mention 

Today, ladies do not mind using salicylic acid due to the benefits of salicylic acid. This consists of things like:

  • Tremendously helpful in preventing future acne: It is possibly the only acid available that is comedolytic. In layman’s terms, it is highly effective in preventing all future beachheads and whiteheads. This results due to the clean pores.
  • Immensely powerful in weakening acne bacteria : It works brilliantly for blemishes and acne.
  • Soothing inflation becomes pretty straightforward. 

Women with dry skin ought to be extra vigilant

If you have dry skin and one question, is salicylic acid good for dry skin is bothering you, exercise caution.

It is an accepted norm that glycolic or lactic acids work brilliantly for dry and sensitive skins. Salicylic acid on the other hand works wonders for acne-prone and oily skins.

Salicylic acid plays an excellent role as a perfect skin softener. It contains exfoliating properties which in turn are immensely beneficial in treating dry skin. Nevertheless, this is subject to the condition you use appropriately with rightful consultation with a dermatologist. They are better placed to guide you regarding what percentage is safe for your skin.

Yes, salicylic acid is safe overall. However, when you use it for the first time, you might experience some irritation. This happens because it is responsible for removing too much oil.

You can get rid of the mess resulting from the oily skin by applying salicylic acid

The good news for women with oily skin is – salicylic acid for oily skin works brilliantly. When used rightfully, it causes many beneficial consequences. For instance, it aids in breaking down the fatty compounds found on the surface right on your skin like the skin’s sebum or natural oils.

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It is due to the presence of such benefits that women with oily skin are recommended to add salicylic acid to their skincare routine. It will incredibly clear out all excess oils and help in reducing sebum levels.

Yes, it is safe to use it daily

You can use it daily since it is considered pretty safe to do so. Of course, you ought to remember one thing – it may cause you irritation if you use it every day.

According to dermatologists and skin experts, using them in moderation is the best practice. For example, you can begin by using it for 3-times a week. If you witness no adverse reactions, you can increase it accordingly.

What prompts the acid to perform so wonderfully?

Salicylic acid is believed to belong to the class of drugs that is better known as salicylates. Its presence helps in shedding dead cells in the skin. Additionally, it leads to a decrease in instances of swelling and redness. It in turn brings down the number of pimples speeding up the healing process.

Does Salicylic Acid Work? / What Is It? | Dr Sam Bunting

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