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La Prairie Pure Gold, When Beauty is Elevated to Grace.

La Prairie Pure Gold, When Beauty is Elevated to Grace.

Pure Gold Collection is the latest and most effective skincare range that La Prairie has ever created so far. Inspired by the Swiss Alps, the La Prairie Gold Collection is captivating and enthralling.

Pure Gold Collection – La Prairie

The soaring majesty of the Swiss Alps awes. Their beauty reaches even greater heights when the sun begins to sink low in the sky when its rays stretch and sweep across the mountain face. It is a magic hour when beauty imposes itself – undeniable. It is an instant that emits an understated resplendence – a radiance like no other. Fleeting is the hour when beauty is elevated to grace—the grace of the golden hour in the crown of the Alps. With the Pure Gold Collection, La Prairie seeks to recreate its unique radiance and impart it to the skin. It aspires to imbue skin with resplendence as if lit from within.

How does La Prairie Pure Gold work?

The gold particles are deposited on the skin surface; then, the replenishing ingredients have penetrated the skin with a gradual release of active ingredients linked to gold. It is pure science! The skin is revitalised, replenished and enriched.

La Prairie Pure Gold enhances the appearance of radiance in the skin instantly and over the long term. It helps revitalise the appearance of the skin while promoting the feeling of increased volume from intense hydration. Skin is revitalised, replenished, enriched, diffusing the grace of the golden hour.

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