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The Lack of Quality Sleep Can Ruin Your Sex Life

The Lack of Quality Sleep Can Ruin Your Sex Life

Sex and Sleep are two important things in everyone’s life…

Sleeping is as important as eating and breathing. Well, it is actually more important than eating itself, since a human being can live up to 7 days without any food; however, many people won’t survive more than 50 hours without sleeping.

The lack of sleep can seriously affect your health and your sex life.

How can the lack of sleep affect your sex life?

Science has proven that poor sleep cause high blood pressure, a weakened immune system, weight gain, mood swings, paranoia, depression, and an increased risk of diabetes, stroke, cardiovascular disease, dementia, and some types of cancer, and if you didn’t know it, it also decreases your sexual libido.

Your mattress and pillows can be one of the causes your sleep is interrupted. A good bed is crucial in achieving good back health. If a mattress doesn’t meet your personal needs, your health and comfort are compromised, resulting in interrupted sleep that can leave you feeling tired and lead to severe issues. Chronic sleep deprivation is the leading cause of many severe diseases and lower sex drive.

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The lack of quality sleep can also interfere with getting pregnant as they decrease the chances.

A scientific study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine followed nearly 4,000 men and women between their early 60s and 65s for a year and found that poor sleep was associated with erectile dysfunction in men and problems with arousal and orgasmic difficulties for women. These were indeed older people, who are more likely to suffer from sleep apnea (a known culprit for an unhealthy sex life), and general health problems that could affect their sleep. However, unfortunately, these problems and results from a good quality sleep also affect the young population.

Another scientific article was written by the Journal of Sexual Medicine about the role of sleep in female sexual function and how it affects your health, as well as your pregnancy or menopause.

Let’s see some other facts.

Daily RX explains how sleep could affect your sex life.

The online Library has another scientific study to see how a simple hour can affect your sex life. The study was about the impact of sleep on female sexual response and behaviour; in the experiment, 171 college students were volunteers, and the result was that just one hour of extra sleep per night could easily increase not only their sex drive the next day but also the likelihood that this would occur. That single hour led to a 14% increase in the odds that they would have sex the following night.

Men are even more affected than women

A bad sleep not only affects the female gender but in the case of men it also decreases the levels of testosterone, a hormone that is responsible for the production of sperm as well as maintaining active sexual desire.

Testosterone also plays a critical role in building muscle mass and bone strength.

Now you are more aware of how important it is to sleep, sleep enough and also make sure to get a good quality sleep. Some people suffer from sleeping disorders; some suffer from an environmental noisiness that could be stress, problems, noisy neighbours or even a snoring partner.

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