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Learn How to Repair your Split Ends with These Tips.

Learn How to Repair your Split Ends with These Tips.

Correct hydration is essential to repair split ends. Knowing its multiple properties for the skin and hair, aloe vera, coconut oil and Argan oil could not be absent from this selection of remedies.

Split ends are the worst nightmare of women, and unfortunately, they are a widespread problem. One of the options that the stylist will surely have told you is to cut your split ends. If you do not consider this option, you can use some natural remedies and home tips.

Home remedies to restore split ends:


The essential oils of the avocado will make your hair look beautiful in a few applications. Crush the avocado’s pulp and put it together in a bowl with an egg white and some olive oil. Mix well until smooth. Cover the ends with this mixture, gather the hair with a towel, let half an hour pass and wash it as you normally do.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has many properties for the skin and also for the hair. You only need a stalk, which you need to cut horizontally and remove the pulp. Apply to damp hair when you’re done washing it. Let it sit for 30 minutes and then rewash it or at least rinse it.

Argan Oil

This Moroccan oil is truly a marvel for split ends. In very few applications, you will notice great changes. Also called “liquid gold” is rich in essential acids, vitamin E and polyphenols. Hydrates, regenerates and protects from UV rays, stops hair loss, accelerates growth and strengthens the roots. And as if that weren’t enough, you seal the ends. You can apply argan oil to dry hair, just a few drops and then rinse, or you can do it once you have washed it, leaving it to work overnight.


Honey has many properties and should not be missing in your home under any circumstances (it is antiseptic, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, etc.). For this excellent recipe, mix the yolk of an egg, two tablespoons of olive oil, and a honey tablespoon. Get a homogeneous paste, which you should apply to dry hair. Let it rest for half an hour and rinse with plenty of warm water. Wash your hair as usual, and repeat the process once a week.

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Hydration is the key to healthy hair.

Hair hydration is essential for all hair types. The cuticle or outer part of the hair shaft is the one that needs the most care and the one that is exposed to attacks from the environment. The condition of your hair largely depends on the state of the cuticle. To have a healthy hair, you will have to follow some care periodically if you want to maintain your hair health. For all this, you should use products to hydrate the hair every time you wash it.

Avoid using chemicals, especially dyes, and if you do, choose brands with fewer chemicals, the use of hair conditioner and hair masks is also essential.

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