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Lip Serum – Why You Should Be Using One.

Lip Serum – Why You Should Be Using One.

Facial serum is a basic in the care and hydration of the skin, but the face in general is not the only part of your body in which a Serum is needed. Despite not being the best known, lip Serum also becomes essential. And that surely many still did not even know of its existence.

There is life beyond vaseline and lip balms to care for the lips. Because your lips need specific treatment as they are one of the most sensitive areas of the face and they age faster.

What is a lip Serum?

Lip Serum does much more than what your lip balm can do. It differs from lip balms in its properties and active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, collagen, anti-aging ingredients, among other active and powerful agents. It is practically a complete daily treatment for your lips.

Lip Serums also offer more benefits. Among them, greater hydration, plumping and revitalizing your lips, reducing the appearance of the barcode, adding juiciness and nourishing them.

With lip Serums, you will prevent your lips from drying out easily or becoming irritated without the need to repeat the application of the product, as is the case with balms. They also protect from cold and heat, in addition to the sun’s rays, avoiding damage that external agents can cause on the lips.

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How does lip Serums differ from lip balms?

Like other Serums you might use on the rest of your face, lip Serums are formulated to go deeper into the skin to address any concerns before they reach the surface. On the other hand, lip balms typically work by creating a barrier to protect your lips from any additional moisture loss—but they don’t replenish that initial loss.

By using a lip serum, you’re hydrating from within using powerful ingredients like hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, and a variety of other humectants to bring your pout back to its usual plump, smooth status. Apply it to clean lips, then top with a balm to lock it all in.

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