Lip Treatments Guide – All That You Need to Know.

To have beautiful and juicy lips is the dream and the goal for every woman…

You have probably seen how the beauty industry is constantly changing, and whit every change, you also see that every decade something big happens that just conquers all the beauty markets, the media, and we all follow the new trends… The lips are probably the sexiest part of our faces. We talk, we smile, we laugh and we also use them to kiss and show our love and affection… For this reason, the lips have always been one of the main characters in our makeup, and skincare routines.

The different cultures also influence a lot on the way how the lips look like from a country to another, in China and most Far-Eastern countries a woman with big lips is not beautiful according to their traditions. The Japanese Geishas and Maikos they use the red lipstick colour to make their lips look smaller. The Arabic women like to use fleshy lipstick colours to make their lips look more attractive, and honey with almond oil to keep them hydrated. For the Russian and English women, the more filler they get, the more they want…

Let’s see what are the different types of lips treatments that you might be interested in:

Lips Exfoliation

The benefits for the lip exfoliations are, on the one hand, the elimination of dead cells and the renewal of the tissues (which leads to a younger appearance), and on the other hand, it facilitates better absorption of cosmetic products and fixing the lipsticks. There are plenty of products that are available, easy to use and with Anti-Aging and hydrating effects that you can buy and apply 3 to 4 times a week. You can also make a homemade paste with some honey, almond oil and sugar, the only inconvenience with this option is that you won’t have any other ingredients that will help your lips keep their radiance, and delay the appearance of the fine lines around the lips. For the price and the number of products you can find in the market, it’s better to choose the first option!

Hydrating Lip Balms

Hydrating lip balms are the best friends of many women. Some women use them daily, some others never remember to do so. This treatment is very essential if you want to have healthy lips. Lip balms are perfect to prevent the lips from being dry or chapped and their benefits can be summarized in three main ones: Protect, nourish and repair your lips.

Anti-Aging Lip Treatments

For this type of lip concerns, you have plenty of solutions and treatments. The treatments may vary from Anti-Aging lip balms, lip masks, lips patches to surgical or dermatological treatments. If you want to delay and avoid the premature appearance of the fine lines around your lips, then the use of an Anti-Aging lip balm, masks or patches is the best option for you.

Lip Fillers

Lip Filler Questions

The lips fillers became a trend among most women from different nationalities. Years ago, it was something that only a few women could get access to as of the high price, also the disastrous results that were more often seen, they never encourage us to think about it… Nowadays, you can see different types of lip shaping and sizing as well as different types of procedures and ingredients used. Some are just temporarily (which is the best option since it gets absorbs by your own skin). This type of procedure is also safe in two ways; the first reason is that, imagine one day the beauty industry suddenly changes the beauty standards and then everyone has to go back to the small lips? If you have the permanent filler, then you will face a problem, not only if the beauty standards change, but also if you don’t like the way your lips look anymore.

Always remember that no matter how fast the beauty industry might be evolving, take your time to decide what to follow and what not! Only you can decide your own beauty standards.

Surgical Lip Lift

This is the less unknown lips procedure and it also lasts longer than any lips injections. We are talking about a permanent surgical procedure that can only be done by a plastic surgeon and not like the lip injections that can be performed in most of the beauty centres. This procedure is to increase the amount of pink lip you see, helping your lips look full. The surgical lip lift is done under anaesthesia and removing a cup of tissue, from beneath your nose. The procedure can cost up to $12.000.

Surgical Lip Lift Procedure – Sensitive content.

Lip Plumpers

The lip plumpers are lip gloss or lip balms that need to be applied before your lipstick or just in their own. This product became so popular that you can also find devices that can be used to get to your lips that filler effect. As it name says, these products come in the chape and size of a lipstick, easy to use and they contain a treatment that makes your lips look if they had a lip filler. The good thing about this treatment is that it lasts for a few hours only and you can apply as much as you want. Most beauty brands have lip plumper in their lipstick category. Lip Plumpers

Ella, from Beauties Foodies tries different types of Lip Plumpers on her videos.

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